1. Michael Doles sr says

    I want to thank you guys for doing the interview. When Mike told us about this we were thrilled. Much appreciation from the entire family.

    Mike Doles sr.

  2. ashnic45 says

    Congrats on the Mike Doles interview! Well done!!!! 🙂

    And as a Ram fan living in Maryland, who had to listen to the ‘Who is Virginia Commonwealth?’s’ all week, it was pretty sweet to be there and see them find out just who we are! Also, the VCU crowd at the Verizon Center were fantastic!


  3. Mat Shelton says

    To the ORIGINAL Mike Doles,

    Thank you for providing the genes that helped in producing a man who not only provided us with thrilling moments on the court (PS. We really would pay you for a copy of that UNCW v. VCU game if one exists!), but also for raising such a stand up guy. We’ll get you on the podcast one day soon as well if you’ll have us.


  4. Chris Stewart says

    Awesome interview with Doles! He’s one of those players you can connect with. He’s an amazing talent and very personable. Glad to hear he’s doing well and enjoying post-VCU life. Thanks for the memories Doles!

  5. Keith K says

    Keep up the good work guys, you’re doing a good thing here!

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