Liveblog – Akron @ VCU

Thanks for tuning in and see you next home game LIVE FROM THE STU!! Good game guys! Win is a win and we will take them as they come. 7-3 overall with tonight’s win over the Akron Zips, 73-69. Maynor led all scorers with 30 points and now it’s time for the post-game. Stay Tuned for podcast and video-cast. See you at OU!

Akron misses, Eric rebounds, and then ends up standing on top of the scorers table…  Akron ball .. two bad three attempts and Kirill caps the game with a final rebound. Way to close.. Here we come OU!!

wow … Eric turnover and Akron scores … and Joey picks up a five second call.. Akron ball… hold on tight..

Hitchens hits a 3 points, of course, and Akron takes a time-out. 6 point ball game boys and girls.  52.4 seconds til we retire for this edition… Will Grant put in a solid core of free throw shooters on this inbound?

Deja Vu… Maynor back at the line. Nate Linhart of Akron will permanently sit with that foul on Maynor. Eric point tally continues with 29 and BAM 30 points.

Maynor back at the line, pushing thirty points if he sinks both. 27… and 28.

Back, ok less than 2 minutes … time to pack this one up VCU!

The STU is getting restless.. Joey forces a big turnover for VCU and we needed it.  Let’s not forget we dwindled a 16 point lead at half to what is now a five point difference..  I’m breaking to watch the Gold Rush Dancers.. you understand, right?

Maynor with the drive and GOOD LORD the dude can play… but Akron keeps on answering… need a little more on the defensive end.

In case you didn’t know … KIRILL CAN DUNK WITH INTENT!! Long ball from Joey to the Hammer and he earned his nickname…

Akron coach calls a time-out with one second to spare on the 10 second violation.. there  was no way that ball was getting over the line either.

Joey with the steal drive to the paint AND ONE! For the three point play.. golden!

Maynor at the line for two shots and sitting on 22 points. 23 points now, and how about 24? Done! 62-54 VCU at the time-out.

6 point lead as Maynor only gets one of his shots to fall. Akron is putting up a lot of threes.

Nixon with too strong of a three point attempt.  Looses his bearings and his man hits the three on the other end.  Maynor drives the court and gets to take a couple from the line.

Maynor with the big three… again! Kirill is a beast on D.

Maynor needs five points to hit his ppg average, what’s the over-under on him getting it? I think he is good for it, lots of time  that is for sure. Akron at the line… gets both of them.

Nixon short on the three, but Joey gets the rebound and the bucket.

Bear with us folks… just under 9 minutes left and both teams are in the bonus, might be a long night.  Joey hits two free throws. 54-44 VCU leads.

Timeout 8:48, VCU 52, Akron 44.

10:26, VCU 48, Akron 43. Nixon is up to shoot 1 and 1.

Akron on a 16-5 run, just like that. 12:24, VCU 44, Akron 38.

A ref just said to the ref that made the call… “hey that lady up there doesn’t like me anymore… thanks” haha.

Coach Grant just got a technical foul for doing absolutely NOTHING. He wasn’t even facing the ref. Not sure what happened there. Crowd will not stop chanting “REF YOU SUCK”.


Looking ugly at best on the possession.  But the ball dropped in for VCU.  Foul charged to Saintil and Chris McKnight  gets  the bucket and the free one.

VCU responds with the press and a 10-second violation by the Zippers!

Shot-clock violation VCU.

Joey looks a little agitated from not getting the call on the other end.  Rozzell and Saintil check in for Kirill and Joey.

Bradford is checking in out of the time-out, let’s see who he is replacing.. Sanders takes a breather.

The couch potato hits his free-throw… Grant immediately recruits him.

Eric hits one from NBA.. VCU finally ends a quiet drought.

16:18, VCU 39, Akron 27

For almost 20 minutes of play, very lackluster performance by Joey Rodrigues so far. 1 point, 1 rebound, 2 assists.

End of Half, VCU 38, Akron 22. But seriously guys, Maynor went down HARD. The sound of his head hitting the floor echoed across the Stu. Took over a minute to get him off the floor. He walked out okay but I hope he’s okay. Fingers crossed knock on wood. Time to take a nap.

Rozzell checks in for Maynor and the coaching staff helps Maynor off… Looks like he will be ok, but we will keep you updated.  Saintil finds his number on the board with an offensive rebound and put back.

Nixon with a three and the place is  loud I tell ya! Great atmosphere for the Stu tonight.  Maynor called for a foul, but he ends up on the floor hard.  The crowd is letting the ref’s hear their disapproval.  ….. Maynor still on the floor….

Burgess shooting two at the line. Front end..good! Saintil checks in for Kirill and the place lights up with cheers. Burgess second shot … down the drain, thank you!

slow going right now…place is getting loud.




Brandon Rozzell with a steal and assist to Maynor under the basket! Timeout 4:16, VCU 29, Akron 20.

Pictures coming up!

Eric with another steal and fouled on the shot. Makes the front end..and the second shot is good as well.

Press is good tonight and VCU forces the turnover on a bad pass.   Eric is yet to connect on a three, but it is coming, the whole place can feel it.

VCU with 14 points in the paint.. gotta take advantage of those types of numbers all night.  Kirill is fouled and VCU resides in the bonus now.  HANDS UP, FIST TIGHT .. the press is being applied.

Maynor with the smooth steal and classy lay-up. VCU on a 7-0 run right now and Eric officially is on the board with a live-ball basket.

Rozzell jumps out with a three pointer in the corner and VCU benefits with a 20-16 lead with a little over 6:30 to play in the first.

VCU is build a lot of momentum… off of the crowd. Check this out – VCU has 10 points in the paint. At 7:43, it’s VCU 17, Akron 16.

Bradford Burgess with two great baskets in a row! Somehow we’re still down by a point… VCU 15, Akron 16.

Grant just jumped off the bench, furious, on a bad charge foul on Larry Sanders.

Larry just got an incredible block at the 3-pt line off of a pick and roll!!!

11:17, VCU 11, Akron 14

Burgess puts it in:


What is Russian for triple-double.. Broseph’s wants to know!

Good night so far from Kirill..  4 pts, 4 boards and two assist in 7 minutes!

Bad turnover for VCU.  Miscommunication from J-rod and Maynor.

Burgess on the board with a nice layup under the basket..assist from J-Rod.

Running small as Nixon checks in for Sanders.

He is gonna float those inside all night to counter Sanders.  Gotta cut him off sooner and take away that lane.

Dare I say Akron’s Nate Linhart has a better floater than Eric Maynor?!

Sick dunk by Larry – came up under the basket to swing it in.

First bucket for VCU goes to Kirill with a nice board after Maynor airballed a floater.


Light turnout thus far, but honestly better than I thought, what with school being done.. give you an official attendance a little later.

Let it be known: our intro rules.. It even intimidates me!

Starting lineup for the Rams:

  • Larry Sanders
  • Eric Maynor
  • Kirill Pischalnikov
  • Joey Rodriguez
  • Bradford Burgess

Just got word that Lance Kearse and TJ Gwynn (boot on foot) will be out for TWO games – that means no play for Oklahoma. Let the FREAK OUT begin.

We’re here! Lance Kearse and TJ Gwynn are not suited up tonight. We’re going to need Nixon and Saintil to play big tonight.

We’ll be liveblogging the game tonight from the Seigel Center. Be sure to check back around 7 PM when we get started.

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