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Game over. VCU wins 59-54. Not pretty. Matt Josephs says, “ugliest game in VCU basketball history.”  Win is a Win. I’ll get some pictures up.  Attendance was over 7,000. That is noteworthy and great. VCU WINS.

Larry adds one more rebound to his total and gets fouled.  He will walk it to the other end. Shooting two. Makes his first. The second ..good.  21 points tonight. Could someone end the game scoring more than Eric? 6.4  seconds til we find out.  Hampton hits a three and calls a quick timeout.  59-54 VCU leads.  I’ll be happy when Hampton is off our schedule.

Larry just had a nasty, and I mean NASTY, put put one handed jam. Can we put together a run of points? I think now would be a good time…51-48 VCU leads with just under 2 minutes to play.  Larry gets a rebound and makes the shot. Fouled in the process and he now has career high in points in back to back to games.  Makes his basket and has 19points on the night. Also, chalked up a new career high on rebounds. Last check he had 16 rebounds, right now he probably sits at about 17.

Carrying call on Joey and we head to time out.  I promise the game is moving as slowly as I am updating.  Ref’s must have got some new shiny whistles for Christmas, because they  haven’t stopped using those things all night.

About three open looks for VCU passed up, both inside and the perimeter.  Eric gets the ball in his hands and drives to draw the foul.  Misses the front end of the free shots though.  Hits the second though and gets point total 20 thus far on the night.

Hampton hits a three and VCU now only has a 2 point lead.  46-44. with 6 minutes to go.  I mean really?  Maynor drives in and draws the foul.  Might be a long game from here on out.  Clock is moving slow as is, now add to that we are in the double bonus and only Maynor is getting to the line.  He sits at 19 points.

Time for Maynor to take over.. At the line right now and misses the first of two.  He just has to start penetrating and either getting hus buckets or getting some fouls called on him.  He does hit his second though.

Gold Rush time out for me.  I aspire to be and old man holding a “We Love the VCU Dancers” banner…

Foul on the court and Rozzell is back at the line 6-6 on the season.  7-7 on the season and 4-4 on the night.  With 8 minutes to play and headed into a time-out VCU leads 44-37.

Larry gets the bucket and one.. You can tell Larry wants to get to the basket tonight .. it’s freaking great! He misses the free one though. Shoot.

Also, no worries, Maynor is back in.

Just got the confirmation that Michael Doles is here! (LongLiveMichaelDoles.. that’s me!)

Coach calls a weird time-out.. until you realize Eric is walking off slow holding his back and not sitting with the team on the court.  Let’s hope that is nothing.. Rozzell gets to the line and makes the first.. and drains the second..  Kirill gets a steal, Larry rolls in the paint and gets his double-double.  The crowd gets into and Saintil checks in.

Larry’s next bucket will make him good for a double-double. 6 more blocks and we’re talking triple-double.  Joey puts in a pretty little floater and the game is now 34-28 VCU with 14 minutes to play.  Eric with the steal and easy lay-up!

29-23 VCU with just under 16 to play.  There have been a lot of three’s.. unfortunately, Hampton is the only team making theirs. Their Zone is giving all sorts of trouble getting into the paint.  And Joey ends a scoring drought out of half with a three.. Karma?





Halftime..taking a break to watch the Gold Rush Dancers. VCU leads 28-21.


VCU drops to a 2-3 and Hampton hits a long three on us. (OK got the picture thing figured out now). Nixon turns the ball over as he steps on the line. 5 seconds left VCU leads 28-21.


Rozzell penetrates into the paint and does a nasty little finger roll.  Maynor hits a three and the lead goes to 25-18 VCU with just under 2 minutes  to play.

jtt_9176-mediumMaynor finally penetrates through their zone defense and gets point number 10. Double figures again for Maynor.

TO by Hampton. They are really try to get us to play their game slow.  So far the are succeeding. jtt_9221-medium

Hampton to shoot two. Misses the first.  Misses the second. Sanders with the rebound. He currently has 5 rebounds and 6 points.

6:25 to go in the first (sorry about the break, uploading some pics for you though). 18-16 VCU leads and haven’t really seen the press at all this game. TO off a bad pass from Maynor.

jtt_9185-mediumjtt_9162-mediumSanders with back to back buckets and the game is now tied at 12 with 10 to go.

12 Minutes left and the score is 12-8 Hampton.

Jump ball off a missed 3ptr by Maynor.  Maynor takes a seat and Joey checks in.  Possession to Hampton.

Sanders comes back in, hopefully to cure this scoring drought.  Settling for a  lot of long distance shots, no penetration at all right now.

Running small right now as Burgess comes in for Sanders.  Traveling violation by Rozzell and Hampton brings the ball for an easy layup.

Nixon checks in and Larry gets and an over the back call.  Rozzell just checked in as well. Saintil gets his first action too.

Maynor throws up the oop to Sanders and Larry makes sure to keep his end of the deal.. authority! 8-4 VCU leads, Hampton subbing in a brand new five it looks like.  Bradford forces the steal and our transition game gets it’s first look. Long three by Joey and Larry misses the tip-in.

Maynor hits a three from the Franklin street gym, good grief his range is absurd! Comes back down and hits another letting the ref know “And one” after he nails it.  ha.

“Juice” misses a three, and we fall into a 2-3 zone.. Larry gets a dunk but it’s taken back as he stepped on the baseline. We go to man-to-man and force a turnover via traveling.

Out come our correctly projected starting five, and Larry has a band-aid under his left eye. We get the tip…

Lights are out, time for our killer intro! Stand up and greet your Rams.. I don’t care if you are at home!

Light crowd tonight, heard they were expecting 6,000, but we have a long way to go to get there.

Assuming that are projected line-up looks like this:






10 Minutes til gametime!

60 minutes til game time!

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  • December 27, 2008
Let's go RAMS!

Also, Camel Menthol Lights should have an easy win tonight. We're playing a team without a single player on it, only fillers. :D
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  • December 27, 2008
Also, your blog is broken. It says "No response" at the end of the "Posted by..." line and "No Comments" underneath the story so far, yet my initial comment is showing up just fine.
  • December 27, 2008
We have a PBR filter.
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  • December 27, 2008
I should probably open a PBR, I guess. Don't want to mess with tradition!
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  • December 27, 2008
Uh, oh. At my mom's house. And I drank the last of the PBR last night. I hope Miller Lite works. If we drop this one, you guys can blame it on me and my lack of proper preparation!