Liveblog – Western Michigan @ VCU

Update: Scouts from the Knicks, Oklahoma Thunder, and the Spurs were at the game tonight.

Kirill P. played a perfect game tonight. 5-6 shooting, 5-5 from the line, 14 rebounds. Larry Sanders had ZERO fouls tonight, which might be why his performance was shadowing to Kirill.

Of course, Eric Maynor maintained expectations with 29 points, 4-5 from 3 point land, and 8 assists. This makes him one of the best poing guards in the nation. He’s getting accolades from the CAA (Player of the Week) and Kyle Whelliston ( baller of the week).

Joey Rodriguez and Bradford Burgess both played well, putting in 30 minutes each. Joey with a career high 17 points.

Coach Grant – “I think we were wounded losing two games in at Rhode Island and ECU… we had to make a commitment to the defensive floor.” That was going into New Mexico, where they did just that. Vanderbilt was able to stop that with a 3-2 coverage. Tonight, it was the run and gun offensive and WMU’s inability to properly defend Eric Maynor that won the game on that front.

“I think there’s a variety of things throughout the year that will be defining moments… that’s what we’re dealing with… I think we’re a better team than we were a week ago.” Hopefully there are no surprises on Saturday at William and Mary. Coach says VCU hasn’t done much preparation for that game. They will begin preparing tonight.

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Eric Maynor finishes the night with 29 points.

1:26 – VCU 75, WMU 62.

It’s official – Kirill Pischalnikov and Eric Maynor in the press conference this evening.

Joey Rodriguez has a career high in points, 15!

2:13 – VCU 71, WMU 60. Eric Maynor 27 points!!!

This is Kirill’s first double double, as well as career high in rebounds. I think we’ll be seeing him in the press conference.

Doubling Maynor the moment he crosses mid-court. Somebody else has got to be willing to score.

Eric hits the front end of the free throws, and gets the second to drop as well.

Solid “DEFENSE” chant going right now. Kirill gets his first double-double with that last rebound.

Redell just did the floor slam right in front of Eric… wow, i mean really? … wow…

Michael Redell from WMU looks like Greg Paulus from Duke. Douchebag!

6:59 – VCU 63, WMU 51. Larry Sanders only has 2 blocks… something has gone awry.

Lance Kearse is having an on-off game. He’s fumbled the ball to turnover twice, but came right back with a 3 pointer and a block.

11:23 – VCU 52, WMU 40. Maynor at the line for 2 shots… swish, swish.

13:03 – VCU 51, WMU 35. Maynor has 14 points, Joey 13. Joey is shooting 50% from the 3. Not bad!

Three pointer for Joey then a steal, Maynor puts the ball over the head of defender then assist to Larry!

“17 straight made shots from the floor” – Matt Joseph’s .. then Sanders with a dunk!

3-3 from the free throw line tonight. 100%, granted only three.. but pennies make a dollar!

Sanders with a block and Joey with the three and a crowd with the standing applause. And, unfortunately, Oliver misses his free throws from the seat during the timeout.

Burgess gets a steal, Kirill gets a steal! VCU comes out strong!

Wil Fameni is here:

Hunter’s substitute for the night:

Gold Rush Dancers are out… I’m going to have to take a break here.

YESSS!!! 3 missed shots by WMU gets the ball back to VCU with Joey popping a 3… then, Eric Maynor hits a 3!!!! Place is going NUTS! End of the half and VCU now has a 10 point lead!

1:43 – VCU 23, WMU 21. For the first time in quite a while, we’ve control the fouling situation. 6 VCU fouls so far in the 1st half.

Kirill so far has 6 points, 6 rebounds. Showing great presence under the basket.

Bradford Burgess blocks a WMU shot, then Kirill gets a bucket plus a shot, the Siegel is LIT UP!!!

Officials are looking at the review. Not sure what they’re looking for…

7:01 – VCU 15, WMU 13.

Lance Kearse got popped HARD in the head. Says “I got punched on purpose”. Walking off the court.

Maynor and Kirill out, Joey and Larry back in. Lance Kearse is showing some major aggression in the low post.

Rozzell puts in a beautiful 3.

Kearse checks in for the first time.. impact? Well, Rozzell impacts with a three of his own… then picks up a quick foul.

11:20 – Maynor with another three. It would be nice to see someone else make a shot here in a minute.

11:58 – VCU 9, WMU 6.

Eric Maynor pops a 3. Shawntes Gary for WMU showing great moves in 1-on-1. Joey Rodriguez airballs a 3.

15:30 – VCU 6, WMU 2. Larry, Eric, Kirill each with 2 points.

THE WEST END is cheering. Starting their own chants. “We’re in some sort of bizarro world” – Matt Josephs.

Note: VCU dance team is doing a new Kanye West song at halftime. Nice!

Western Michigan is already stopping a lot of traffic down load. Two jumpballs already.

Larry opens up with a HUGE dunk! 2-0 VCU.

Starting Lineup:

  • Bradford Burgess
  • Eric Maynor
  • Kirill Pisichalnikov
  • Joey Rodriguez
  • Larry Sanders

Mike Eades is officiating tonight. BAHHHHHH. Give us a break!

Hunter Elliott (VCU Announcer) has lost his voice… will ride the bench as one of the VCU Athletics staff members subsidizes. Not doing bad hah!

Also, I have a whole collection of fun Maynor stats for you fine people.

  1. Eric Maynor has hit 22 games in a row scoring double figures.
  2. With 8 assists tonight, Eric will rank 10th in CAA history for assists in a career.
  3. Eric is now 5th for active CAA career rebounds… 5 more tonight will put him at 4th, passing John Vaughan (GMU).

We have an NBA scout here tonight – not sure who or what team.

We are at press row. Marcus is collecting stats. Will update shortly.

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