Liveblog – Hofstra @ VCU

GAME OVER, VCU wins 68 -60.

(15 seconds) VCU 66, Hofstra 58. Another sick dunk by Larry! Alley oop from from Ed Nixon! Hofstra is starting to foul for clock control.

(1:14) VCU 61, Hofstra 52. Larry Sanders and Eric Maynor will be in the press conference today. Some amazing dunks today by Larry. Would like to know if he still thinks a block is better than a dunk.

(2:11) VCU 59, Hofstra 47. Rodriguez sinks a pair of free throws.

(3:58) VCU 57, Hofstra 45. Flagrant foul called on Dane Johnson on a Joey Rodriguez layup. Vines fouled out. Another borderline flagrant foul on Hofstra, Coach Grant is giving the deadly stare to Coach Pecora.

(6:04) VCU 52, Hofstra 40.

VCU goes on a 8-0 run with a dunk by Kirill FOR REAL Pischalnikov! Then Bradford Burgess forced a steal which Maynor took in for a transition layup. Greatbasketball! So much energy in here. MAYNOR TAKES IT FOR A LAYUP gets fouled, some altercation between Maynor and and Vines. Borderline technical foul at this point.

(9:41) 42-36 VCU leads. Brandon Rozzell with a great Maynor-esque floater.

Eric Maynor leads us into a timeout with another floater to bring it to VCU 36, Hofstra 32 with 13 minutes to go.

3 fouls in a row puts VCU at 5 team fouls. at 14:49, it’s VCU 32, Hofstra 30.

17:06 28-27 VCU. 3 fouls on Hofstra already.

Hofstra is coming out in the 2nd half much more aggressive. VCU seems to continue to try to work the ball inside. Playing much tighter defense on the outer perimeter.

What a great tribute to Terry Sissisky. They played about a 2 minute clip of him on the big screens commemorating his service, then ended with his play calling on the VCUvs. Duke Dagger.


Maynor pops an incredible jumpshot for a buzzer beater basket. At the half, it’s VCU 28, Hofstra 27.

Terry Sissisky will be inducted into the hall of fame at half-time. We will have pictures for you!

26-25 VCU, with 2 minutes left in the half.



With 3:30 to play Hofstra regains the lead 25-24.  Larry james the ball but gets charged with a foul.  The arena goes heavy, and I mean HEAVY, on the booing! Wow.. see if they keep it up out of this timeout.  Picture time, be right back.

A turnover by both teams on potential fastbreak opportunities.  But Hofstra ends up being the team who gets the points.  Larry gets fouled taking another 10-footer. Shooting a pair… misses the front end, but gets the second.  That would have been a neat old fashioned three point play for Larry if he could have gotten the basket to drop, ha.

We are stalling out.  Our offense isn’t looking bad, we are getting plays and executing.. just our defense is sputtering a little.  Larry with about a 10 footer.  Drops it like Toots.. sweet and dandy.

Beautiful floater from Eric Maynor. 21-20 VCU.  He has already made a couple of those old patented floaters today.  Been awhile since we have seen them drop like that.

Eric comes up with a rebound and runs the length for a sweet little lay-up.  19-16 VCU, we start playing our defense and this game opens up a little before half.  Larry checks back in the game and wraps up for a jumpball.  Check that… Hofstra called a timeout.

Bradford resets the offensive with a nice board, but Maynor losses the ball and Hofstra is running down the court. Not so much of that Defense we have seen over the last couple games to speak of right now.

Running a small team out of the time-out. KP is the biggest guy on our court.  Nixon dumps a nice pass off to Kirill and he gets the bucket.

15-14 VCU headed into the time-out.  Hofstra gets a traveling violation, though it wouldn’t have mattered, because KP would have taken the charge had they not called it.  Turn-over regardless of the actual call.

Larry and Maynor both check out for some rest.  Will be interesting to see if we have any hiccups with them out.



Rozzell puts up his first three of the game and gets it to drop.  VCU takes a 12-9 lead.

Jenkins hits a jumper at the other end and then KP is fouled on our side.  Shoots two and we are tied at 9.  Kearse checks in for KP. It’s so good to see that guy playing and having fun again.  We  are certainly gonna need him.

Eric misses a three, but Larry is quick on the put back and gets the foul to go with the points.  He hits it and the game is tied at 7.

VCU just forced 3 great turnovers on the full court press. Eric with some great feeds to Kirill and Joey for our first few baskets. VCU 4, Hofstra 5.

Defense is looking a bit sloppy early on. VCU will likely be keeping Saintil, Kirill, and Sanders in the rotation to match Hofstra’s size.

Game opens up with Joey missing a wide open 3 after VCU runs the clock out…


We’re here at the Siegel Center getting ready for today’s matchup, both teams are at 10-5. VCU is 9-5 all-time at Hofstra.

Starting lineup for VCU – the usual suspects:

  • Larry Sanders
  • Eric Maynor
  • Kirill Pischalnikov
  • Joey Rodriguez
  • Bradford Burgess
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good defense by Hofstra
Larry Sanders getting it done