Liveblog – ODU @ VCU

Gerald Lee and Larry Sanders exchange a hug at halfcourt as the buzzer sounds and tell each other good game. 61-44 VCU is your final score. Thanks for tuning in. Be sure not to miss the next video highlight package from todays game. And we also have a super special podcast interview coming up for you guys. You are just gonna love it!

Terrible “You suck” chant going that I personally just can’t get behind. Now there is a 64 East chant, which I can get behind, keys are out and jingling, Maynor takes a seat to a standing ovation. ODU shot only 50% from the line on 4 attempts. One minute remaining.

Maynor has 12 pts and 9 assists. 2:43 to play VCU up 59-43. Loose ball and Larry gets it and calls the timeout. Sold out game just announced..7,567 in attendance. Larry sits at 16 pts and 5 rebounds. Rozzell with 12 points of his own.

With the shot clock low, ODU’s defense gets confused and Maynor abuses them. Drives with a no look pass to Saintil who gets the dunk. ODU calls a timeout. 3:31 to play and VCU has control 59-41. Another note, VCU has only 4 turnovers the entire game.

57-41 VCU leads with 4:11 to play. Lee gets blocked by Saintil and VCU will try to run some clock here I think.

Once again, Larry gets a short jumper with a man in his face. He has 16 points and is a couple boards shy of that double-double.

Everytime Lee gets the ball Larry gets a big smile on his face. He is loving this. And then Gerald Lee shoots for the airball attempt, and makes it!Ha. Larry then gets a huge old nasty one hand dunk. This kid is so fun to watch. Welcome to a new era in VCU basketball, we got a big man!

KP charged for a foul in the paint and Grant is pissed!!! I thought he was leaving the court for a second..

Larry being guarded by Lee about 12 feet out and Larry pulls up for that jumper. Drains it in his face. Larry then gets a block and Rozzell gets the ball down the court for a quick two. Blaine Taylor is forced to take a timeout. 51-34 VCU leads with 8:01 to play. Our defense has shut them down this half. Infact, ODU has not even attempted a single free throw in the ENTIRE GAME.. interesting note there.

Rozzell drives into the lane after some good perimeter passing and hits the pull up jumper from about 15 feet. 47-34 VCU leads with 9:21 left to play.

Nixon gets a block, but it goes down as a jumpball. Possession VCU. Nixon gets fouled on his shot and is at the line. He hits the first. kearse and Maynor sit while Joey and KP check back in. Nixon’s second shot no good but Larry gets the board and is fouled on his shot. Getting ODU in foul trouble is smart. We could use that for sure. Larry hits his first and Burgess checks in for Nixon and Larry misses his second shot.

Wow. Kearse gets shoved hard to the ground from behind, and Grant is mad, damn mad, and then Nixon gets called for a reach. I can only assume that Grant was mere seconds from a technical, Coach Brennan grabbed Grant and was trying his hardest to coral him back to the bench. Kearse was screaming too on the other end of the court. No one liked that chain of events, lots of boo’s, and a ref struts over to Grant to talk to him. I can only assume the guy was scared for his life, cause let’s be honest, Grant is a for real dude and looks like he could do some damage, ha.

Maynor feeds the ball to Larry and that kid is a MAN. He dunks hard one handed and gets the foul too. But then he airballs the free throw, ha.

Rozzell grabs a big loose ball rebound and gets fouled. That is ODU’s second team foul of the half. Sanders checks in for Saintil. VCU gets a fresh shot clock and Maynor is setting it up at the top of the key. Rozzell takes a three but it comes up just short.

Kearse steps inside the three point line and gets his first shot to drop.

Kp and Satintil both have three fouls with just under 15 to play. Don’t want to run out of big men in this game.

The band is spread out through the Stu leading the VCU chant. SOunds and looks sooo good. I hope no one is reading this because you are all here experiencing it.

39-28 VCU leads with 15:43. Not much to report the last couple minutes as there was a lot of ball movement and turnovers. Timeout.

P.S., also the pictures of Pav as Blaine are gonna be hilarious. If you haven’t seen him do yourslef the favor. It’s great!

ODU calls a timeout after KP gets a steal off the inbounds pass and gets the ball to Maynor, who then jukes Lee to the ground and gets the layup. That highlight on is gonna be cooooooooool !

VCU comes out cold but Joey grabs a steal and Larry gets a dunk right in the face of Lee.

Back and possession arrow to VCU. ODU hits the first field goal of the second half. Our defense looks good but needs to look better in the second.

This is the last possession of the half as Eric brings up the ball. Crowd is on their feet and Brandon pulls a three that is tipped by the defender but still drops. Crucial play to run into the locker room with. Halftime.. Gold Rush dancers, so I gotta take a break and watch. You understand. We will be getting pictures to you as well.

KP misses the front end. His second drops though. VCU GO RAMS GO. KP checks out, and Larry hasn’t seen minutes since that second foul. 2-3 zone for VCU and Brandon breaks up what would have been a sure dunk for Lee. Foul charged to Nixon and the crowd doesn’t agree.

Gerald Lee gets a 10 footer and the score is 31-26 VCU with 1:50 left. We reset at the top and Eric gets a good strong bounce pass to Kearse, who misses two shots right under the basket. They were heavily contested though, so that is a tough shot to pull. KP grabs a board and he gets fouled. Timeout and VCU will come back at the charity stripe.

Jumpball with KP going after the ball hard. Possession arrow to ODU. Hearty “Bullsh**” chant. Jumpball on the other end now and VCU gets the ball back. Blaine Taylor looses it and gives a BS yell of his own. Eric pushes the ball fast after ODU hits a three and gets some points for himself. He has 8 points now. An ODU chant starts and the VCU faithful respond with “sucks” after each chant. Another three by ODU and another lightning quick two by Eric.

ODU turns the ball over and VCU gets possession back. 25-18 VCU leads with 4:54 left.

Eric does a great job of breaking up an easy layup for ODU and feeds it up to Joey for the three.

Good passing and Joey gets a good look to Saintil for the dunk. Who wants a dunk shirt?

Bradford misses back-to-back three pointers. ODU scores and the score changes 20-18 VCU still holding on to a small lead. Takes us to the 7:42 mark and another time-out. Ice cold right now. ODU is starting a chant and VCU is just letting sit in those seats and cheer. Nobody is making noise to cover them up. I guess everbody is too busy watching the Delta Smile and Smooch cam.

I jinxed us. 20-14 VCU leads. Six point run by ODU and Grant calls a timeout to adjust some things. Maynor checks back in and leads us down the court.

Our defense is looking good. We dropped to a 2-3 zone though and they get a basket. Nevermind, Nixon turns the ball over and ODU gets an easy fastbreak layup.

We are looking darn good guys and girls. Take into account that the last couple minutes have been played without Larry AND Maynor on the court. The most comfortable I’ve felt about that situation all year… and I’m including the UNCW game, ha.

The crowd is sounding great at time and doing a good job of taking ODU’s fans out of the game. Let me say it here first, Nixon might be a gamebreaker for us tonight. Rozzell hits a big three and it was gorgeous, a thing of beauty, and it puts VCU up 20-8 with 10:49 left in the first. Saintil picks up a foul and that is team foul number four for the Rams.

Kearse feeds Saintil the ball in the paint and he makes great post moves, I mean very impressive, and gets the bucket. Nixon gets a steal and feeds it to the fastbreak making Rozzell, and he too will notch his first points of the game. Scoring quick and in the paint. A lot of them coming off the fastbreak..that is good to see my friends.

Nixon is attack attack attack this half. He is looking strong and gets his first two points of the game. On the other end Larry picks up his second quick foul. So, Larry checks out and andGerald Lee comes back in. Hopefully this early foul trouble for Larry is done with after that one. Maynor gets his third bucket of the game and leads all scorers with six points.

Joey pulls up for a quick three but doesn’t get it. Larry gets called for the foul and picks up his first.

Kearse will be inbounding the ball for the Rams. Nixon drives good and hard but misses, Larry gets the board and puts it back it and gets to take a shot with it. The three point play is GOOD!! VCU GO RAMS GO!

We get to our first time-out and Kearse and Nixon will be checking in. 6-4 VCU leads.

Gerald Lee misses his shot the Rams push it and Larry gets a big dunk. ODU responds with a three. Maynor pushes it fast but misses his layup.

KP picks up his first foul and the Rams grab a rebound. Joey is setting up the play this time. KP misses the shot and Joey gets a steal. Maynor drives and throws up a floater good for two. VCU leads 4-2.

Finney picks up his first foul. VCu inbounds the ball and Maynor sets up a play at the top of the key. TO by VCU.

This is it. Game time. V-C-U chant. Great little intro video with clips of Rocky and highlights from throughout the season. Looked real good. ABOUT AS GOOD AS MAYNOR’s layup for the first score of the game!

Starting lineups…Welcome home everybody!!

We’re getting all set up here at the Siegel Center. Doors open at 2:30, it’s 1:55 and the lines are starting to wrap around the building. After a week of being slammed by ODU fans on the forums, we’ll be excited to put the dagger in this game.

VCU is taking care of the students. Free hot chocolate and Papa Johns pizza in the lines.

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  • Leigh Hagan
  • January 17, 2009
RamNation blog beat the RTD and VCU MBB site getting the results out there.

I was out of town and away from the ODU and VCU radio broadcasts.

Really appreciate RamNation getting the results posted so quickly.