Liveblog – UNCW @ VCU

Looks like an 88-59 Final tonight….Thanks for checking in. Rams are now 9-5 on the season (2-1 in the CAA)

Ed Nixon tonight is 0-7….all 7 shots have rimmed out or looked like they were going in but didnt. Kid is having a TOUGH night. (87-57)

If there are any Seahawks fans reading this, im trying to find a positive but I just can’t…This is sad. Kevon Moore looks like a good player but it’s going to be along season. (86-55)

Tomko fouled out….1-12 on the day and basically a non-factor. (84-54)

Larry with 15 pts 10 rebs, Maynor has 12 pts, 12 assts and 5 rebs…Joey has 25 pts.

Lance with another 3…. (76-48 with 6:39 left)

I feel like im watching Mighty Ducks…Remember when Emilio Estevez told his hockey team to take falls to get fouls called….i think UNCW is doing that…i’ve never seen a team fall so much in my life (69-45)

Chad Tomko shooting 1-11 so far…effectively shut down by this defense. (65-41)

Joey has a 3rd career high of his career with 22 points so far….63-38 (11:47 left)

Sanders just tried to do a skyhook from the FT line….half majestic looking…half whoa what the heck looking…Kearse with another bucket. 60-33 (13:33 left)

Larry has missed 3 straight FTs after hitting his first 4. 56-30 Under 16 TV timeout.

Kearse for 3….great story to see him back on the court. Larry to the line as the score balloons to 56-30.

Very ugly start to the 2nd half…as Wilmington gets in the 2nd half scorebook.

Three shots for UNCW and three that didnt touch the rim.

Wilmington looks checked out already in their layup line….If any of you know a 2nd half line…i’d take VCU. This team needs a good 30-40 pt win and it might be coming tonight.

HALFTIME STATS: 17-29 shooting, 7-12 from 3 pt land, 8-9 from FT line.

18 for Joey, 8 for Larry and Brandon , 7 for Eric and 4 for KP and Bradford. 8 assists for Maynor. Really can’t find much fault in their play tonight.

Now that the group of students sat down…I can see “old standby” and she looks great. Nice long hair and clutching that blackberry…I’d give a lot to get a name from this girl as she grinds back and forth to a song being played. God she’s so hot…Sorry about that….had to vent as this girl is fine. She’s wearing Blue with a candy necklace around her right arm…alright sorry, that’s enough.

HALFTIME: 49-25 VCU…the first no mercy chant coming out from the student section…Stats coming….

Chad Tomko just cemented himself in the hall of fame of players who the Siegel Center hates….Right up there with Vlad Kujanin and Valydus Vasilius.

2:30 left: 45-19 is the score with Larry hitting the line…Team is shooting 63% with 14 assists so far. Wilmington is curing the VCU offense.

Moss calls another timeout….it’s 45-19 now and we’re still not at the Under 4 timeout….my god, this is almost embarrassing for me.

Bennie Moss calls timeout and then he puts 5 guys in from the bench. Tomko makes a sweet pass and the guy drops it…such is UNCW basketball right now…38-16 VCU now

Ed Nixon looks great until the shot goes up….he’s so close to being a great player but the layups just don’t go in and the three’s just lip out.

Joey 4-6, 3-5 3pt land for 11 pts….Nice work for him. Maynor 7 assists….36-16 VCU.

Next TV Timeout: 29-16 VCU after  a bunch of Joey 3’s. Joey had a Maynor like heat check that fell short. I half expect Bennie Moss to resign at halftime. Poor man doesn’t deserve this. Wilmington probably won’t win a game in conference.

ASIDE: How bout Towson winning at Delaware? Crazy conference. Pretty much every team is gonna be in it in the end except for the Seahawks.

This is like watching a circus. Wilmington’s turnover total has to be pretty high. It’s a shame about how much of a joke this team is to watch. Next TO: 18-8 VCU.

The 2nd team + Maynor is out there and the lead has closed a little bit. Lance is out after about a 2 minute run. Seems a little tired but good to see him out there. Lance is sitting with the trainer now…looked a bit winded.

Lance Kearse is in the game!!

1st tv time out….13-2 VCU. The stats overwhelming in our favor. 6 assists on 6 buckets. Gonna be a good night…

As an aside: “The old stand-by” as we like to call her on press row is looking good tonight. For those of you new to the blog, she is the woman sitting in the 2nd or 3rd row of the non-standing student section looking fine every game. Great VCU fan and great looking woman. Unfortunately now I’m unable to glare at her because of a group of those standing in frnt of her. My holy grail will be getting her name.

TIMEOUT UNCW: 10-2 Rams….You can see the agony on Bennie Moss’ face already. Gotta feel for the few teal clad fans in the stands.

They can’t cover Larry on the inside…he’s aggressively posting up and getting fouls called on their already thin bench.

Before the Blink of an eye…it’s already 4-2 VCU. Two buckets by the VCU bigs. This could be exactly what cures the VCU offense.

Starting lineup tonight:

  • Eric Maynor
  • Bradford Burgess
  • Larry Sanders
  • Joey Rodriguez
  • Kirill Pischalnikov

We’re here live at the Siegel Center for the tip-off in 5 minutes. You’re probably watching this on MASN, but we’ve got Matt Josephs writing tonight. Enjoy!

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