Podcast – Bradford Burgess Interview

There is no doubt that Bradford Burgess has earned his position in the starting lineup this year with the Rams. Not only has he started every game this season AS A FRESHMAN (not even Eric Maynor has such bragging rights as a freshman), he has taken home two CAA Rookie of the Week awards and is averaging 50% shooting from the field. The icing on the cake? Our listeners voted him, above Eric Maynor and the rest of the Rams, to be our next guest on VCU Ram Nation. So we’ve delivered. This podcast gives you about 20 minutes of interview with Burgess, as well as some good internal dialogue regarding the Hofstra performance and our next two upcoming matches (Towson and ODU).

Matt has been reporting on VCU sports for Ram Nation since 2007 with a focus on news, photos, and feature stories.