Liveblog – Delaware @ VCU

Eric  is fouled again and gets a second shot at 30 points.  Makes his first and secures thirty points on the night. Misses his second one though.  Ha, Maynor blocks Dawsons three pointer and it is now known…Maynor does it all from the PG position.   Larry gets a block too and that will end the night.  A “We’re #1” chant circulates as NU drops one to GSU at home.  Thank you NU and GSU!!!   Game over. Thanks for joining us.  See you at Reno!  Eric ends with 30 points and Larry with 19.

Less than a minute to play and Joey is fouled.  Sending him to the line.  I might start a “Fundamentals” chant if we miss another free throw.  He gets the second at least.   UD takes a quick timeout after they make a layup.  9 point lead for VCU with 36.4 to play.  76-67 Rams.

Time out.. Eric has 29 pts and 10 assist.  Egerson pushes Larry in the back on the attempt at the board.  Sends him to the line.  Larry Sanders……misses the first….gets the second.  Larry fouls Egerson his shot attempt on the other end.  That is Larry’s fourth.  Egerson misses his first, but gets his second.  75-65 VCU leads 1:14 to play.

Eric is using up some clock at the top of the key.  Larry gets a gorgeous fall away jumper and he has 18 points and 10 boards.  If that assist goes to Eric that would give  him 28 points and 10 assists.  UD turns the ball over again and Eric gets fouled.  He is at the line and gets only one of them to fall.  74-64 VCU leads 1:48 to play.

UD gets called for the travel along the baseline, by Reggie Greenwood too!!!  Big turnover, so VCU needs to capitalize on it.   Timeout though.  TV games always make the night go by slow.  VCU still holds the edge on the boards 26-22.  Is it a surprise we are winning then, it shouldn’t be.

Dawson nails a three for UD and the lead shrinks for VCU to two points . 66-64.  Maynor gets some of those points back with two pointer.   UD can’t score on their turn down the court and Eric is using a little clock.   Maynor pulls a big time three point shot over Egerson.  71-64 VCU lead, largest of the night, with 3:17 to play.

Eric to Larry in the paint for two points.  66-61 VCU. We need a stop and another basket.  UD gets caught in the corner and have to burn a timeout.  4:38 to play.

Sanders is fouled on his dunk attempt.  He is shooting a pair.  Makes one of the two and VCU has a three point lead.  UD can’t take advantage of their possession and Larry grabs another board.  Maynor gets fouled on his shot attempt.  Ref from the opposite side, Reggie again, walks over to warn Grant.  Maynor, meanwhile, pushes VCU to it’s largest lead of the night for the second time, 5 points.  Yeah, I said it, five points.  Ref’s give a defensive foul to Nixon on what looked like an obvious charge by DJ Boney, ha yeah I said that too.  He makes the first of the one-and-one, and makes the second to take the lead back to three for VCU. 64-61 with 6:03 to play.

Juwann Carter fouls Eric on the drive to the basket.  Second foul on him and 6th team foul. team timeout at that!! 61-59 VCU leads with 7:11 to play.  Also, someone is getting kicked out of the game on the West End student section.  Lots of cheering from the students.  Not sure what happened, but the remaining students are chanting something.  Meh….

Eric gets a field goal and the free shot that is accompanied when you are  fouled, ha.  Three point play and pushes VCU’s lead to 2.  61-59 with 8:06 to play.

UD has good ball movement and VCU can’t seem to handle being spread out.  Egerson responds with a three.  Maynor gets a lay in on the other side and UD is back on offense.

Still waiting on some sort of call from the ref’s.  Larry is waiting to check in.  He has 13 points and 7 boards on the night. And three fouls.  Jeopardy music is going strong….and this… “Let’s go ref it’s a school night” just got yelled, ha.

UD’s Carter answers with a three.  Kirill gets called for the foul on the floor away from the ball.  Lots of booing and a couple ref’s group together and head to the scorers table to review something.  Tied game at 56 with 10:02 to play.

Bradford does a great job boxing out on a missed UD shot.  Which lets Maynor easily pull down the board.  Rewarded by a three pointer from Maynor.  he has 16 points and 8 assist so far on the night.  VCU leads 56-53 10:36 to play.

Finally back from a full timeout. UD inbounding.  VCU still rocking the 2-3 zone.  Rozzell and Maynor fight for a rebound and in turn the both go out and take the ball with them.  UD retains possession.  53-53 tied game with 11:42 to play.  VCU is outrebounding UD 18-17.  UD has more assist at 14-13.  VCU has more turnovers 9-8.   Another timeout, by the way.  Sarah Bates, a cheerleader, gets the biggest crowd response of the night bwalking on her hands the entire length of the court and then almost all the way back to where she started.

Rozzell has the ball at the top of the key.  Pegg fouls Kirill and sends him to the line.  First shot is good.   Nixon checks in for Joey.  Kirill makes the second a well.  53-51 UD leads VCU with 12:36 to play.  Kixon gets the defensive rebound and goes the length of the court for the lyup, contested and all, and still makes it. Tied game 12:09 to play.

Dawson gets a layup for UD and Bradford is called for the player control foul.  Turnover.  UD leads by one. Make that four. Egerson hits the 3.  51-47 UD.

Larry rebound, gives it to Eric, who gives to to Burgess, who gives it to Kirill who gives it to the basket.  UD gets a three and reclaims the lead.   But then Sanders gets a put back off a missed Eric shot.  VCU leads by one.  47-46 15:35 to play.  Sheesh.. coming in spurts like I said.  Ha, I’m trying to keep up.  Sanders gets called for a loose ball foul and that is hs third.  Time out…. thank goodness. 47-46, 15:19 on the clock.

Tied game 41-41.  After a couple missed shots, including a put back dunk by Larry, Joey gets fouled while shooting and he gets sent to the line for two.  17:57 to play on the clock.  His first shot putters in and then right back out.  No basket.  Misses his second one too.  Ooph.  Game still tied.  Scratch that,  UD scores.  Scratch that Sanders scores.  Tied again at 34.  17:18 to play.

Eric finds the lane and his floater for two points.  VCU is running a 2-3 zone out of half.  Kirill gets the bucket and the foul.  Kirill takes advantage and gets the old fashioned three point play.

UD at the line for three shots after Eric makes contact and knocks Carter over. He connects on all three.  41-36 UD leads. 19:25 to play.

Back… VCU inbounds and possession arrow favors UD.

Halftime..   38-36 UD leads…. Gold Rush Dancers…. Can’t talk…Must watch….

26 to play and Joey ties the game with a fade away jumper in the paint.

Larry gets sent to the line after  Pegg fouls him.  He will be shooting two.  Makes the front end…. and the second finds the bottom of the net.  VCU trailing by two.  And Larry gets called for his second foul.  Rozzell checks in so Larry can take a breathe before half.  Joey gets the pass from Maynor and gets his layup to fall.  1:05 to play and UD leads 36-34.

Larry takes a shot and misses, the rest of the Rams run back to play D, Bradford however goes for the rebound and saves the play.  Eric finds Larry for a big alley-oop.  34-28 UD leading with 3:08.  Kirill, after finally getting control of the ball, gets his shot to fall.  34-30 UD leads.  Traveling violation on UD, Adam Pegg to be exact, and VCU gets the ball with 2:40 remaining.

Coach Beth Cunningham gets a game ball and standing ovation for her outstanding accomplishment of 95 wins with the women’s team.  Most ever by a VCU women’s coach.  CONGRAT’s .. we love you Coach Cunningham.  Oddly enough, that 95th win came against the Blue Hens of Delaware, on this court, exacly one month ago.   Hope this inspires the guys to get one for Coach Grant tonight.

Eric gets the floater and 1.  Hits the free throw.  32-24 UD leads.  Brain Johnson, of UD, is 3-3 from downtown.  UD scores on a jumper, and VCU answers.  Eric misses his floater but Larry is there for the tap in.  Scoring is coming in spurts.  Hard to keep up with the typing when it dows come.  And then I get a four minute break while no one does anything.  UD turns the ball over with a traveling violation.  34-26 UD leads 3:59 left to play.

Larry gets a huge block on Ledsome and then on the other end Ledsome gets called for the foul.  Larry looses the ball… forget what I just said.  Larry gets his second block of the night, putting a three point attempt back into the face of Egerson (I think).  32-21 UD leads with 5:32 to play.

Breaking News: Pav’s whiteboard seems to have broken.  A medium sized chunk has broken off the corner with a note that says “Reggie, Look what you made me do!!”  I will hope to get an exact description of the problem later.  Hah.  Sadly this is more exciting than the game right now.  Kirill checks back in.  Larry gets a jumping hook to fall for him.  We can score in the paint.  Let’s not shy away from that so quickly.  Everybody loves a “Wachovia Three Point T-shirt,” but I like points more.  get the ball to Larry while he has the matchup in his favor.

Delaware is shooting 71%.  Gonna be hard to win unless we get that number down. Waaaay down.  More uncontested shots for UD, and more turnovers for VCU.  30-19 UD leads.  We are looking uninspired after looking so good out of the gates.  Timeout.

Ledsome gets a basket over TJ and Eric gets called for a traveling violation.  Another VCU turnover.   Wow…TJ gets a rebound and gets tripped and the same guy that just called Eric for the travel calls TJ for traveling.  Egerson nails a three over Larry’s outstretched arms.  26-15 VCU is losing.  TJ comes back and hits a fifteen footer.  9:19 left in the first. Rozzell gets his first basket of the night.  30 second time out.  26-19 UD leads .

VCU is driving the paint and passing back out.. Brian Johnson isn’t afraid to shoot though and gets the three for his team.  Kirill takes a quick jumper and gets it to fall.  Joey pulls a patented run up behind steal.  Nixon hits a big three, good for him.  And us, we needed that.  Not sure how we are in this game as of right now.  UD doesn’t look great, but they look better than us.  Lots of bad passes on our part.  And they are taking uncontested shots from all over their end of the court.

Egerson is at the line, and TJ waits to check into the game.  Nixon comes in with him, and Egerson gets both shots.  Kirill makes a bad pass and Egerson takes advantage.  Joey answers with a long three.  13-10 UD .  Egerson finally messes up and gets called for five seconds on the inbound.

Egerson drives the lane after getting a rebound off a missed Sanders shot.  Misses the basket but gets Larry Sanders his first foul at the 14:59 mark in the first half.  9-7 UD leads.

Kirill and Bradford both pick up a quick foul. Delaware scores a easy one under the basket and VCU turns the ball over.  VCU with a fastbreak opportunity but Eric can’t get the layup to fall.  UD, on the other hand, gets a three off some lazy defense. 7-7 tied game.  15:54 to go in the first.

Lots of passing and Eric pulls his first three attempt and gets it to fall.  Once again, turnover by UD and Eric gets another three.  6 points in 2 and a half minutes.  Not bad.

Larry gets fouled on his first basket attempt.  Misses his first though.. gets the second attempt to fall.  Full court pressure on the inbound.

UD wins the tip and VCU gets the possession arrow.  Almost immediately turn the ball over on a terrible pass.

OK, Bradford is my pick tonight to have a big game.  Wanted to go with TJ, but decided on Bradford, and Matt picked TJ so we have both those guys covered anyways.  Time for player intro’s and then tip-off.  Good Luck Everybody, except the four UD fans.

Wow.  5:21 until tipoff and there are about 20 people here.

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  • Leigh
  • February 18, 2009
Filling seats at tip off
  • Michael
  • February 18, 2009
What is up with this. I thought this game was a revenge game fir the Rams