Liveblog: James Madison @ VCU

Bradford might have more ice in his veins than blood.  Brad hits an insane three with no time on the clock.  Pushes the lead to 75-71. 7.9 seconds Larry grabs the defensive board and pushes the ball to Maynor.  He is fouled and steps up to the line.  Makes the first, missed the second.  JMU misses their last shot and VCU squeaks out of the game with a win.  DAMNIT.  that was something else.  Wish some of our fans would have been a little more hospitable, but I won’t lump everyone in with a few bad apples.  Our fans are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a couple that I wish would be cool.  None-the-less, VCU wins 76-71. Maynor ends with 22 points and that’s a night for me man.   Stress level through the roof.. PEACE.. SEE YOU AT ODU!!!!!!!

33.5 ticks on the clock. 15 on the shot clock. VCU leads 72-71.  VCU has the ball.  Timeout..

JMU scores 70-69. Still up one, Eric scores and pushes it back to a three point lead.  Jumpball possession goes to JMU.  Gotta stop them.  OK, we don’t though.  50 seconds to play.

Turnover by Larry and JMU scores to tie the game.  Missed three by Eric, big offensive rebound by Larry and Joey nails the three.  70-67  VCU.  Full Timeout.  Also, full anxiety.

JMU back at the line.  Nixon called for the foul.  67-65 after making only one free throw.  VCU leads 2:46 to play.

Eric makes his first three of the night.  Timing is huge on that! Wells throws up an airball for JMU.  Thank God.  67-64 VCU leads with 3:21.

FIRST BLOOD! Eric to Larry for two points.  Eric picks up a ticky tack foul and now has four fouls.  So does Larry.  JMU hits to free’s 64-64 tied game.

VCU gets its first overtime this season.  At least at the STU.  We gotta come out big on this.  Especially with NU dropping one at home to DU.  Would put us in darn good position.  But mostly we gotta protect the STU.  5 more minutes to decide a winner.  Let’s go Rams.  New ballgame.

6.7 seconds down by two and Eric at the line to tie the game.  Hits the first.  JMU timeout, trying to ice the kicker I presume.  Eric gets one more shot to tie this game and then we gotta defend with no fouls, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but hope for an overtime with JMU.  Ugh.

49 seconds and a fresh shot clock for JMU off a jumpball.  Shot clock violation.  14 seconds to play and VCU is down by two.

With two minutes to play the crowd shows up.  Loud and standing.  VCU ties the game 60-60 off back to back Maynor layups. JMU regains the lead 62-60.  1:05 to play.  Our defense has not played well.  Or free throw shooting plagued us.  Still time but JMU has the ball.

Eric at the line.  58-55 JMU leads.  Misses the front end, gets the second.  11-21 from the line tonight.  Awful.  We make those and we are up by 8.

3:40 to play JMU hits two free throws and takes the lead 56-55.  Rozzell misses a three.

VCU fans break out perhaps one of the worst chants I have ever heard and will not repeat.  Weak…

55-54 VCU trying to keep the lead.  Shooting 53% from the charity stripe.  4 minutes 12 seconds to play.  Don’t you have to believe we need to penetrate and try to get to the foul line as much as possible, Eric needs to step up to the plate and get those.  And his PPG average too.  I want him get that record.

Matt Parker is called for the intentional foul.  Calvin Duncan approves, ha. Rozzell to the line and we are in the double bonus.  GOT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE AND MAKE SOME FREE THROWS!!!!

53-52 VCU is clinging to a lead…that they just lost. 54-53 JMU leads.  The STU is dead right now.  Eric is almost neutralized, or just not getting the right looks.  JMU is collapsing on him after they let him in the lane.  Rozzell is fouled and steps to the line.  Misses his first, fo course.  Makes the second.  Tied game at 54 with just under 5 to play.

Our free throw shooting is awful. Just awful.  Slightly above 50% on 15 shots. FREE SHOTS!!!!!!

Of course, JMU hits a three.  KP is fouled and that is 8 team fouls on JMU.  VCU has 2 team fouls.  7:17 to play and VCU leads 53-50 as KP heads to the line.

Rozzell with the three and Swanston answers for JMU with a three of their own.  we gotta stop trading baskets here.  VCU turnover. JMU turnover.  Not much to talk about I’m trying here guys, ha. 50-47 VCU with 8:45 to play.  Rozzell with another three-pointer, now we gotta stop them.

Sidenote: W&M pounds UNCW and DU is getting ready to steal one from NU at home!  We gotta win this game!

JMU hits another big three… and they take the lead 44-43.  KP fights for his two points and we get the lead back.  This is dumb. Can we please string some points together.  Eric gives Larry an insanely nasty alley-oop.  I mean sick. Wow. 47-44 VCU with 11:20 to play.

JMU hits two big three’s right in our guys face.   Tied game.  Scratch that.  Larry gets the bucket and 1.  Hands up! …….  never mind he missed it. 43-41 VCU 13:15 left.

Seriously, not much to type here lately.  JMU has five fouls.  and VCU leads 39-34.  15:05 to play.

Kirill gets the Rams first basket of the second half.  Tied ball game at 30.  Kirill gets the next basket for us as well.  We finally take the lead.  It will be interesting to see how Eric plays this half.. Will he be super pumped after only logging 11 minutes in the first half?  Will Larry get more than 2 minutes this half?  JMU scores 32-32.

OK, first off…. no dance team at half.  Unacceptable.  Trani does get his “jersey” retired and hung from the rafters.

No lead for VCU. Turnover in fact, bummer.  OK, halftime, Trani gets some award.  Congrats.  Then the dancers I hope, it better be at least.  OK, you know the deal.   Break time for me to watch some dancing!!!

33 seconds to play.  30-28 JMU leads, but VCU gets to take this game to halftime if the want…with the lead, I hope.

Joey uses up the shot clock and gets a layup to fall just in time.  Just under two minutes to play.  Burgess picks up his first though and sends JMU to the line.  Larry really put us in a spot tonight.  Not having him out there has given us only 4 points in the paint versus JMU’s 14.

Great passing by VCU inside and back out.  Brandon hits a big three and we let them run the court on us.  Jeez, almost effortless.

Eric  sits down for the second time this half.  Offense has stalled a bit.  we are down 5. 26-21 and Nixon misses a free throw.  Gets his second at least.  26-22 JMU leads with 4:34 to play.

Joey is called for the travel as well.  Eric says something to ref and Eric is given a technical.  How many are we averaging this year per game?

JMU leads 22-21 with 7:11 left in the first.  JMU is at the line, but misses the three   point play.  Joey is running point and, wow, another travel by Eric.  He is slipping all over the place.

I’m enjoying watching Joey play this Ratner guard.  They are both small, quick, and scrappy.  But Joey pulls a big three.  VCU reclaims the lead 19-18.  Hmm, Maynor called for the travel.  You don’t see that too much.

JMU gets a away with a little push from behind on Joey.  Saintil gets called for the foul and KP checks back in.  That puts JMU almost into the bonus.  16-16 tied ball game.  Maynor and Larry on the bench.

Timeout.  TJ can’t get a nice drive and finger roll to fall.  Ed picks up his second foul and 5th team foul.  14-13 VCU leads with 11:53 to play in the first.

Great assist by TJ to KP for two.  TO by JMU and VCU gets the ball back.  No go though and Ed picks up his first foul back on the defensive side of the court.

Bradford hits a HUGE wide open three and VCU takes the lead 10-9.  Bradford comes up with the steal on the other end, but gets fouled.  Smart really to not let him get the fast break points and momentum.

VCU with the ball after some tight defense by Ed gets JMU called for the travel.  Swanston picks up his second foul and sends Nixon to the line.  Ed can’t get the first to fall for him, but has better luck with the second.

Maynor let’s Joey take over point and quickly gets the ball back in the lane.  He is fouled while shooting, on Swanston which is good, and Eric makes both his free throws.

Larry with the fall away jumper from five feet and we immediately go into a pressure D.   But then on the other end we pick up team foul two as Larry jumps to block a dunk by Swanston.   He makes JMU’s first basket of the night from the line.  Check that, he makes both.  And Larry gets his second foul in ten seconds.  Sitting the bench.  I mean come on man, you can not go over his back for the ball.

We lost the jump ball to JMU, but we get possession arrow.  And as always we pick up a quick foul.  25 seconds in and Joey gets the reaching call.  Larry gets a rebound on D, but our offense fails to produce.

I should have gotten a drink before I started this. Too late now.  Line-up’s are being introduced.

2 minutes until tip-off.  Welcome back Ram Nation!

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  • Dude
  • February 11, 2009
I can't believe this!!! We can't lose at the stu!!