Liveblog: Senior Night – GSU @ VCU

Brandon holds the ball as time expires and VCU gets the regular season title.  VCU is #1. Book it.  CAA is ours in the tournament.  Good game everyone.  Eric takes the record, just short of a double-double, and wins the regular season.  Ever year he was a starter for us he brought it home.  God Love the guy.  We do.  The Rams celebrate at midcourt and a video is being played with Eric highlights.  Beautiful.  I don’t want to cry, but if I do…. He deserves it, ha.  OK gonna watch it now.  The Final is 69-41 VCU.  GO VCU!

Burgess gets two free throws to fall and only has four points.  That surprises me, I guess because his defense has been so great.  Brandon does a nice fake behind the back pass and gets the finger roll.  GSU is at the line because Terrance has zero luck and gets called for the worst calls.  66-41 VCU. 1:12 to play. Every time Gerard touches the ball the STU screams “shoot it”.  Rozzell does though and gets the three.  69-41.  30 seconds to play.

Brandon gets one of his free throws to fall.  62-39 VCU.  Eric is back in which surprises me a little.  Nevermind …Gerard checks in and Eric its to a standing ovation and hugs down the bench.  Eric Maynor chant underway.

Timeout on the floor.  Brandon will be shooting two when we come back.  61-39 VCU leads.  3:09 to play.

Joey has had some Maynor-esque strong no look passes tonight.  TJ couldn’t hold on to that one, but his passing is looking sharp. 59-37 VCU 4:04 to play.

Terrance gets his second bucket and then his second foul.  Two quick fouls, both sorta ticky-tack if you ask me.  Quick make up call though and VCU gets the ball back.

Maynor and Larry both take a seat as Burgess and Saintil check in.  Joey gets two free throws to fall and the lead is stretched to 22 points for the Rams.  57-35.  5:48 to play.

Eric is one assist and one point shy of another double-double.  Strange that is would only be his third of the season.  55-35 VCU leads.  6:17 to play.

9 assist from Eric has he finds Brandon for the threeeeeee pointer in the corner.  Lorenzo Watson is in the house, and the guy wears a big smile.  I love that so many Rams are in attendance.

Nixon comes up with the loose ball and goes the length of the court and finishes the play for his first basket of the night.  Maynor checks back in and spells Nixon.  50-33 VCU leads.  8:31 to play.

Joey misses a three but Sanders gets him the ball back after the rebound.  He gets that one to fall.  Larry then gets the steal.  Can’t take advantage though and a timeout is called by GSU as both teams scramble for the loose ball. 48-33 VCU.  10:13 to play.

Trani, Kendrick Warren, Calvin Duncan, and Eric Maynor.  Four of the five jerseys in the rafters are in attendance tonight.  Where are you Gerald Henderson?

GSU hits a three.  And Eric picks up his second foul in the form of a charge.  45-31 VCU.  12:42 to play.

KP leaves the game after catching an elbow from Chase.  Looks like blood was drawn.

Eric has 7 assists and 7 points with 3 boards.  Ed gets his second foul and Rashard Chase hits both his free throws.  43-28.  Eric gets another assist as KP gets a bucket and pushes our lead to 17 points.

Timeout on the floor.  43-26 VCU leads with 15:10 to play.  Larry leads the Rams with 14 points.  Eric has 7 points.  The couch potato hits his second free throw attempt and the place erupts into applause.  He then gets high fives all the way down the court.  Hah, awesome.

Larry  gets his second assist to Eric.  Maynor hits his first three of the night.

GSU is called for the shot clock violation.  Rams turn the ball over on a confusing pass that goes through Larry and Joey’s hands.  KP steps up and gets a steal and then a put back basket off a Larry Sanders miss.  Which came off a sweet little no look pass from Eric.  Sanders then gets a dunk off a pass from Eric.  40-22 VCU.  16:41 to play.

Sanders gets the first bucket of the half for the Rams.  36-22 VCU.

Second half is underway.

I’ve got senior dancers to watch.  I’ll see you cats later.  Time to Gold Rush.

Mat Shelton just read the play for VCU.  BIG TIME oop to Larry from Eric.  6.9 seconds to play and the Rams push their lead to 14 points.  A GSU turnover and VCU has the ball until half.

Terrance gets a three point play.  Eric steals the ball on the inbounds, but Ed gets called for the offensive foul.  Joey is responsible for yet another GSU turnover.  I would hate him if I didn’t root for the Rams.  He is pesky. 36 seconds til half. VCU ball. 32-20. VCU

Sanders gets a block straight into Ed’s hands and then somehow gets down court fast enough to get the put back basket.  29-20 VCU. 1:42 to play.

Eric gets an assist from Larry,  that is backwards.  I think Joey just got a block before that play took off, hah.  Awesome.  But Eric ended up with a easy layup.  Only seen him dunk it once in his career.  Q Hollinsworth is recognized at halfcourt as the only woman at VCU to ever pull down 1,000 boards and 1,000 points.  We love our seniors. Mat Shelton notes this is the “career quadruple-quadruple.” Ha.

KP gets 4 straight points for the Rams.  GSU calls a timeout.  They don’t know what to make of the Russian if he can make a 17 foot jumper clean as can be, ha.  23-18 VCU leads.  4:03 to play.

GSU gets a steal and they regain the lead.  18-17 5:13 to play.  Burgess gets a nice layup and steals the lead right back.  19-18.

TV time out.  Last forever.

Extended break for Maynor.  And we are looking really really good.  Eric and Larry go to the scorers table to check back in.  This is next years team.  PLaying smart, nice passing, lots of steals, forcing bad shots.

Rozzell with a steal and great acrobatic layup.  Great play.  Our defense is seriously playing to their identity, as Coach would say.  Dukes gets sent to the line for the Panthers, but misses his first.  Gets the second to fall and pulls GSU to within three.  17-14 VCU with 8:12 to play in the first.

Joey checks back in, while Maynor takes a break.  KP, TJ, Bradford, Rozzell, and Joey.  Interesting lineup, but good ball movement and TJ is at the line.  Hits his first.  And the second.  15-13 VCU leads 9:02 on the clock.

We are playing great defense, even though the score is 13-11 VCU.   We are playing well.  There is 10:14 left on the clock.

Man, I hate the internet sometimes.  Crapped out on me.  Joey left the game with his hand injury.  Has his fingers taped up now.  Eric broke the record and GSU had to call a time out because of good defense.  Place erupted, but now is back to being totally docile.  What a weird thing.  I don’t get it.  I mean the record just got broke and this is Eric’s last game at the STU.  GO NUTS PEOPLE!

Joey is playing good defense, but looks like he might have stubbed his finger poking for the ball.   Still in the game, but holding it a little.

6-4 VCU leads.  15:49 to play.  Eric is setting up plays.   Good ball movement and an assist for Maynor as Joey hits a three.  Mendez for GSU answers with a three of his own. 9-7 VCU.

Another traveling violations gives VCU the ball back.  Maynor gets a three point attempt but does not make the bucket.  Maynor does have two assist now, as Joey gets an easy layup.

Eerily quiet in here right now.  Maybe everyone is holding there breath.    GSU gets first blood.  But Sanders answers with a basket of his own.   Another Sanders basket off the Maynor assist.

VCU gets the tip and GSU gets the possession arrow.  Bradford misses a three and GSU is attacking.  Traveling violation gets the Rams the ball back.

Starting lineups are being announced.  Not nearly as full as I thought the STU would be… what the deal?

Well,  Senior appreciation is over.  Beautiful little ceremony.  And in the end, VCU pulls the string and Eric’s jersey falls from the rafter and will hang there for eternity.  The day was bound to happen, this better get the team going.

18:49 until tip off.  Festivities will be happening prior to tip-off this year.   I can never remember if that is how it’s always done, or if they do it after the game.   But now that I’ve typed that it doesn’t seem right.  We also made our predictions of when the record will be broken.  I don’t remember every one else’s guess, but mine was 17:26 mark.  Mat said 19:30 I believe.  Here’s to a good game though and a WIN!!!! Welcome Home everybody!

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  • LT V
  • February 28, 2009
Thanks for this, I'm watching the live feed but with no sound your input does enhance the experience a bit more. I'm an '08 grad and it's lonely being across the country in the Army remembering being at the game last year. GO VCU!
  • Sam
  • February 28, 2009
Kendrick just got a standing ovation from the governor :)
  • Sualeha N.
  • February 28, 2009
Ahhh, congratulations!! :) I can't wait til the Eric Maynor tribute video is up