Liveblog: VCU @ JMU

A minute and 23 seconds to play. 65-48 VCU. Gerard Smith is checking in the game.

Maynor is out of the game. 2 points shy of the all time record. Senior Night here we come!! Records will break!!

Back at the line for JMU. 65-48 VCU 2:38 to play. Scratch what I said last. Eric just took a shot, ha. He missed though. KP fouls out, again. Gets a high five from Semenov. Also, my battery is about to die any minute, not sure why. Maybe my a/c adapter is dead. 65-48 VCU leads 2:06 to play.

KP gets called for the foul. That is his 4th. James back at the line for JMU misses both his shots though. Joey has a good take and gets the basket, Eric gets another steal and sweet pass to Larry who gets fouled on his dunk attempt. 63-46 VCU leads with 3:27 to play. Do you pull Eric? I would. Although, he controls the game well, and I bet he doesn’t take a shot anyways. He wants it at home where he is gonna get mad love. That would be sweet.

Also, Eric is now 4 away from breaking the record. Juwann James is at the line. He gets both and VCU leads 61-46. 4:40 to play. Eric scores again, and now is 2 away from the record. Shame we can’t sit him.

Stupid wifi went down. Sorry, but I’m back now. Unfortunately, we missed a lot. I think FMRick just got kicked out, Brady got a technical, Maynor got fouled flagrantly and VCU now leads 58-44. 5:24 to play in the game.

Larry gets fouled and that puts VCU into the double bonus. Gets the first to go and the second falls as well. 53-44 VCU 6:10 to play.

Bradford with the big steal and finishes …AND 1. 51-42 VCU leads with 7:08 to play.

Maynor gets his amazingly off balanced basket to go. Larry gets caught up with JMU’s Louis and and Louis comes out with a bloody nose. He looks to be ok though and that is good. He is back in the game already.

VCU gets nothing but a bad shot attempt from Brandon and the ball goes back to JMU’s hands. The crowd is coming alive now, does not bode well for VCU. Starting to look a little too much like last year.

Stalled offense and crowd getting into it, not good signs for VCU right now. JMU is back at the line. 45-40 with 8:17 to go in the game. KP and Bradford check back in for TJ an Nixon.

turns the ball over as Larry can’t handle the pass from Eric. JMU is at the line, again. Nixon hits a three. 45-36 VCU leads with 9:20 to play. Maynor at the line. Free throw struggles continue. He misses the first. And the second, wow. Larry fouls over the back. JMU shooting 1-and-1. JMU students are yelling some god awful things at Larry and Eric. Wow. That is waaay uncalled for..

Ref’s miss a blatant goal-tending by Juwann. 39-32 VCU leads 12:50 to play. JMU and VCU trade some three pointers and the lead is 42-32 VCU.

KP picks up his second on a bad screen at the top. But JMU fouls KP on the other end, holding his wrist, and VCU gets the ball back. Bradford makes his presence felt with a strong put back after his own missed shot. Another missed three by JMU and Eric finds Joey off a no look pass and he gets the easy two points. Brady calls a timeout for JMU. 39-29 VCU leads with 14:16 to play. Biggest lead of the night for the Rams, but a lot of time left to play.

JMU turns the ball over. VCU leads 33-26 with 16:43 to play. Can’t get comfortable though, gotta keep playing hard. Juwann gets fouled by KP and gets the basket. One shot for him…three point play. Bummer. Eric slowly brings the ball up and eventually fins Bradford for the basket 35-29 VCU with 15:45 to play. Time out.

Larry blocks another attempt by Juwann and Maynor gets the basket on the other end. That leaves him 12 shy of the record.

Loose ball leads to a jumpball. VCU gets possession. Long three attempt no good for JMU and VCU gets the ball. But looks like both teams are coming out of half with a bit of a slump. Larry gets two shots but misses his first. Gets his second to fall and gives the Rams their first points of the half.

Back and VCU brings the ball up, Maynor misses a 3 pointer and JMU gets the rebound.

Halftime: 28-26 VCU leads. Eric has 6 points and is 14 points shy of breaking the record. (Which I hope does not happen tonight, and instead gets posted at the STU, not to be selfish or anything. Unless of course we need those points. But hopefully we won’t)

On the inbound Eric gets tied up with a JMU player, the crowd boo’s and screams. But same situation occurs. Eric and the JMU player get up and laugh it off together. The run to half time together laughing. Good to see sportsmanship out there.

2.9 seconds left JMU has the ball. VCU leads though 28-26.

Juwann tries a three with 7 seconds left and gets blocked by Larry. They both start laughing, ha. Timeout by VCU and Larry and Juwann walk off the court patting each other on the back and laughing still. Ha.

30 seconds to play in the first Larry gets the lead back for VCU. 28-26 VCU

Louis misses a blatantly wide open layup up off a good pass. Ha. Maynor gets fouled on the other end and misses the front of the one and one. A jump ball is called but JMU retains possession. JMU hits a wide open three after a lazy effort by our defense to get back. Larry ties the game back at 26. And Juwann gets called for the player control foul.

Maynor picks up a foul and JMU is back at the line wit ha chance to tie it. Louis misses the first. But gets his second. 24-23 VCU.

Eric gets his first turnover off a slightly lazy pass. Brad gets called for two quick fouls. In his defense, the first was a totally accidental trip. JMU hits two free throws and VCU’s lead is now at 2. VCU leads 24-22 with 2:50 to play.

Larry picks up his first foul on defense. 4:42 to play and VCU leads 20-16. Larry gets 2 points but Juwann James gets a put back on the other end and evens that possession out. VCU still leads though 24-18 with 3:47 to play. Time out. Dance team. Ha.

Maynor sits and Joey is leading the point. Brad hits a baseline line jumper and ties the game for VCU. Good plays being run by VCU on offense. Just shots aren’t falling. Brandon gets a fast break but gets hacked hard. Two shots. First is good for one point. Maynor checks back in for TJ. Rozzell’s second shot….falls. VCU takes the lead 18-16 and falls into a full press with 6:04 to play. Press forces the turnover and VCU has a chance to push their lead a little bit here. Maynor gets another basket for VCU and I think that moves him to 14 points shy of the record.

16-14 JMU, 7:59 to play. Timeout on the floor. Burgess and Rozzell check back in.

Out of the timeout and Joey checks back in for Rozzell. KP hits a jumper from just outside the paint and ties the game at 12 with 10minutes to play. VCU is in a 2-3 zone defense. Joey gets a rebound and Maynor pushes the ball and gets the floater. 16 points to go for him. Juwann James gets the basket for the Dukes on the other end. Good balll movement by JMU is killing us right now. Can’t get them to fall on offense for us either. That doesn’t help for sure.

JMU gets called for the travel, and JMU fans get livid. They keep trying to call the game for the ref’s. TJ final scores for VCU after a long drought. 12-10 JMU leads 11:25 to play.
TJ gets a steal but VCU is not able to capitalize. JMU gets the board ad hustles back down the court and gets fouled. 12-8 JMU, 12:44 to play.
JMU scores 4 straight points. But Joey gets a layup, up and under, the basket. 10-8 JMU leads with 13:14 to play in the first. Big substitution for VCU as Terrance, Rozzell, and TJ check in.
Eric gets his first basket of the night in the form of a floater. And Larry gets his first block of the night on the other end. Eric only needs 18 more points to take the all-time lead for VCU points scored.
Sorry guys their dance team is on the floor after a timeout… gotta watch and not type. 4-4 tied game. 15:49 left in the first.
Larry shows how long his arms are and drives from the three point line and finger rolls from the free throw line, ha. But he gets it to go.
Burgess is at the line with two shots. Misses his first. Oh, boy…misses the second as well. Loose ball and JMU knocks it out. VCU maintains possession.

OK We are here. JMU takes first blood. Juwann James gets the layup.

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  • paul
  • February 26, 2009
any possibility to get the blog to read from top to bottom instead of bottom to top, makes it real hard to read post game, we love you ramnation boys and youll figure this one out for me