Photos – Delaware @ VCU

A great game against Delaware as Eric Maynor and Larry Sanders both grabbed a double-double. Maynor pulled down 30 points and 10 assists in an explosive second half to come back and finish off a 78-67 win. The win, concurrent with Northeastern’s loss to Georgia State, puts VCU at 1st in the CAA. The Rams hopped on a bus right after the game to head to Nevada for a Bracketbuster showdown on Friday, February 20th. Enjoy the photos below!

  1. Jonathan says

    great pics, love the one of joey helping Larry up

  2. Chris says

    what is the reff pointing at, looks like he is pointing into the crowd, did something happen?

  3. admin says

    Some kid was grabbing his crotch at the ref and yelling things… ref was like “do you want to stay or leave?” So the kid kept doing that and the ref grabbed security and was pointing the kid out. They escorted him out. Pretty funny.

  4. Chris says

    Ha, thats funny, what an idiot!

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