Liveblog – CAA FINALS: VCU vs. GMU

vcugmu24Larry ends with 18 points, 20 boards, and 7 blocks I think. Tj gets a Gerard Smith missed shot rebound. New shot clock for VCU to take this to 20 or so seconds. VCU is dancing!!!!!!! We Love You. I gotta go storm the court!!!!! GOOD NIGHT SEE YOU SELECTION SUNDAY!!!! VCU GO RAMS GO!!!!!

TJ is fouled by Vaughn and will step to the line. He will get both buckets. Larry grabs another defensive board but VCU can make nothing of it. Eric gets a traveling violation and Gerard Smith checks in with Saintil to relieve Eric and Larry. Standing ovation from the crowd, who probably won’t sit down now.

Joey gets both to fall. Dre Smith is single-handedly trying to keep GMU you in this game. Joey finds Nixon for his own big time high flying dunk. Birdsong gets called for the traveling violation. Timeout VCU as Burgess can’t get the ball in-bounds. 69-50 VCU leads. 2:36 til net cutting!!!

VCU band plays the “Requiem” song and the fans love it. I can see all the students leaving their seats up top. They are making their way to the floor. Rodney gets lifted by the cheer squad. 3:08 to play and VCU leads 65-48.

Joey is fouled by Cornelius and he will shoot a pair after this timeout.

Dre Smith gets a jumper in the paint. Eric misses a shot and Cam Long gets a pretty finger role to drop for him. Timeout VCU. Attendance 11,200. Soldout Championship night for the third year in a row.

Nixon finds Larry waiting under the basket and he gets one more huge dunk on national TV. Nixon gets a steal and Eric gets two more points. Nasty points. Those kind of plays should be illegal ha. Timeout by GMU. Coach L. had to before the momentum got totally out of hand at the end here. 65-44 VCU leads. 3:43 to this floor is covered in students celebrating!!!!!

Burgess inbounds right in front of me and Maynor shakes, literally, both of the double teamers off him with a sweet juke. They scramble to get back and foul him in the middle of his shot. Maynor only gets one of his free throws. Dre Smith hits another big time three pointer. That is 19 points for him. 12 point game. Joey answers with his own three pointer and stretches us back to a 15 point lead. GMU misses it’s shot and Vaughn fouls Larry while he is pulling down another board. Both teams are in the double bonus from here on out. Larry is shooting two. Makes his first. And his second is worth 1 point too. 61-44 VCU leads. 4:30 to play.

Maynor pushes his scoring on the night to 22 points after making both those shots. Larry gets his second foul of the night as he is called for pushing Monroe while getting a board. Monroe can’t hit his first though. He gets his second to fall though. Bradford fins Larry for another earth shaking dunk. Smith hits abother three pointer and he has 16 on the night. 55-41 VCU leads. 5:34 to play.

TJ gets a little laugh after the ref’s call Monroe for the foul. As if to say “Ha, damn, bout time.” Dre Smith tries to take a charge from Maynor, but Eric pulls up and hits his shot just fine. Monroe gets called for the foul while Maynor brings the inbounds ball up court, after Smith hit a three. J-Rod checks in for Nixon. Maynor shoots one plus the bonus. He will get the second shot. He makes both. VCU pushes the lead to 16. 51-35 VCU. Monroe makes a bucket for GMU and pulls it back down to 14. 51-37 VCU leads. 6:05 to play. Maynor is back at the line.

Out of the time out. Dre Smith hits a three and VCU turns the ball over on a long football throw. Unnecessary. Maynor checks back in for Joey. Larry blocks Morrison and VCU gets the ball back. Eric does a sick little wrap around and jukes his defender out his shoe’s. Larry is fouled by Morrison. Timeout on the floor. 47-32 VCU leads. 7:41 to play. The clock can’t tick away fast enough.

Birdsong will shoot a pair and reside in the 1-and-1 now. He misses his first shot. His second will fall though. GMU is pressuring hard on the inbounds now. And Joey turns the ball over out of bounds. Bum call if you ask me, but ref had a better view than me I guess. TJ fouls Birdsong while shooting. Looks like the ref’s are trying to help Vegas out. A lot of things going GMU’s way right now. Birdsong misses his first. But gets his second. More pressure from GMU. 47-29 VCU. 8:44 to play in the game.

Larry gets a hook shot in the paint and moves his total to 12 points and 16 boards. Long misses for GMU and Larry gets the 17th board of the night. He is whistled for the player control foul down the court though and that is his first. Wow! Awesome! He helps Fleming up. Good sportsmanship. GMU wil lshoot a pair. Smith makes both of them. Rozzell gets heavy pressure and the ball knocked out of bounds. GMU ball. Saintil checks in for Sanders. 47-27 VCU leads. 9:29 to play.

Fleming and Larry are separated by the ref’s for playing a battle down under. Maynor comes over and positions Larry for him hah. I’m talking hands on his hips and moves the 6’10” kid and says “here man.” hah.

Sarah Bates gets a standing ovation for almost handwalking the entire length of the court. That is freaking crazy really.

Vaughn gets layed OUT by TJ on a screen up top, then Eric gets him the ball and a quick bucket for TJ. GMU turns the ball over on the inbounds as Tate can’t handle a pass and bobbles it out. GMU finally gets another basket. Eric gets Larry a huge oop. Not sure what just happened I think Vaughn and Nixon got wrapped up and he shoves Nixon back to the floor. Grant quickly gets the players away from the altercation. Timeout. 45-25 VCU leads. 11:38 to play.

Cornelius called for another travel as he looses his footing on a fast break with TJ playing tight D.

TJ, Nixon, and Brandon all check in. Larry and Eric remain in. Eric shoots a jumper in the paint but misses. Cornelius is called for the travel after the offensive rebound after running into Monroe. Larry helps him up. No bad blood there. Maynor scores a bucket and VCU will use the press on the inbounds. Nixon and TJ get a turnover and TJ scores easily. Timeout on the floor. 43-20 VCU leads. 14:16 to play.

GMU is playing that damn “Prayer” song. I really do hate the sound of it, especially when you evoke a Frampton talk box and use that over your solo. Ugh, all the way around. I won’t leave like I originally said I would, but damn it, we get it. I loved that Final Four run just like the next guy. Time for a new Prayer and memory.

Larry blocks Morrison and he ends up on the ground and has some words for Burgess, whom he says tripped him. Didn’t see it, can’t comment. But GMU gets a fast break opportunity out of a defensive rebound. Dre Smith steps on the out of bounds line, however, and it will be a turnover. VCU ball. Timeout on the floor. 39-20 VCU leads 15:18 to play.

Rare turnover by Maynor as he throws it right to GMU. Eric also picks up his second foul of the night. Pearson goes to the line to shoot a couple. Misses the first. Gets the second and GMU final hits the 20 point mark at 16:25 left in the game. Larry gets fouled by Morrison as he is shooting. Gets his first in dramatic fashion, as it bobbles around and in. The second is more clean and goes straight down. 39-20 VCU leads. 15:57 to play.

Traveling violation by GMU and Cam Long looks a little shaken up. He is ok though, gets up and leaves on his own accord. Good to see. Glad he is ok. GMU timeout. Mason crowd is falling asleep a little. GMU hasn’t scored since the :52 second mark in the first half. 37-19 VCU leads. 17:12 to play.

OK I’m Late I know… VCU rattles off 7 straight points to start the second. Larry ended the first half with 12 rebounds, wow! 37-19 VCU leads. 17:37 to play in the game.

Brandon misses one at the buzzer and GMU will retreat into their tunnel down 11 at the half. 30-19 VCU leads. HALFTIME. LOVE LOVE LOVE this so far. But there is a ton of game left. Gotta maintain. Larry will be HUUUUUUGE for us if he is able to stay on the floor. And Eric is showing his true colors tonight, Black and Gold. OK, be right back.

Joey misses he first free throw. He can’t get the second to role in either. Hasn’t been getting a lot of points this weekend, but his defense is worth every minute. Brandon checks in to relieve Joey. Rozzell picks up his first, team foul number four, on Cam Long and he will be shooting a pair. Can’t connect on the first shot though. TJ checks in for Saintil. Long misses both and Larry brings one down from high in the air. Maynor misses only his second shot of the night and VCU almost comes up with another steal. GMU retains the ball though. Nixon fouls quick though, on accident of course, with only 58 seconds left. Neiother team should find the bonus this half. Nice change. Pearson finals gets one for GMU. That guy is gonna be good for them in a few years. GMU steals the ball but can’t get the contested layup to fall. 24 seconds to play and VCU will get to take this to half.

Collapse in VCU defense and Dre Smith hits a three from the wing. Then the offense collapses under us as the shot clock expires. So loud in here the ref’s didn’t hear the buzzer at first. Monroe misses a wide open two foot lay in. Larry gets the board. Maynor gets the floater to floooooat on in pushing his total to 12 thus far. The ball literal jumps in and out on Dre Smith and Maynor shows him what making a basket looks like as he gets another floater. Larry blocks Monroe back home dishes long bomb to Joey and he is fouled by Dre Smith. Smith is pissed and punches the cushion behind the basket. 30-17 VCU leads. 2:30 to play in the first half. Timeout on the floor.

Bradford hits a three from the corner and Birdsong misses a lay up. VCU misses on the other end as Bradford tries for another three. Eric gets another steal and Bradford gets a pass from Joey steps in the three line and hits a jumper. He has 8 on the day so far. Larry almost comes up with a steal for himself. VCU students have a strong “DARRYL” chant circulating. Not a lot of fouls going on, that is good. VCU has 3 while GMU has 1. 26-14 VCU leads. 5:02 to play in the half.

Larry is still sitting, with Saintil still in. I like it Terrance and the minutes he has given us this year. Cam Long drives through real traffic and gets a short one to fall. Maynor is not playing now either. Can’t have an offensive sputter here. Nixon gets called for the travel though. Might have taken a little bump there, but it’s basketball and I’m sure we get a similar call in our favor before the game is over. Timeout on the floor. 21-14 VCU leads. 7:28 to play.

I wish I had more stats for you but box scores are a precious commodity around these parts, ha.

Larry will sit for a little while as Saintil checks in. GMU hits a three as time expires on them. Brandon misses a three but Nixon stays back to get the steal. Maynor will hit another three. And he has 10 points already. Timeout on the floor. 21-12 VCU leads. 8:25 left in the first. Maynor picked up his first foul right before the break.

Coach L has to take a timeout after the next set of events that I transcribe to you happens. as TJ grabs a board on the defensive side, gets the ball to Maynor, and Maynor hits his first three of the night. The RC erupts. 18-9 VCU leads. 9:53 left in the first.

Larry reaches up to the rafters and pulls down a board for VCU. Joey misses a three though and GMU is on offense again. Larry gets Morrison to miss but TJ is block over the back on the reverse side. VCU ball still, but Eric misses a long three. Eric pulls up a quick steal and gets an easy fast break lay up. Almost comes up with another steal on the next possession. Mike Morrison gets another two footer to fall. Cam Long robs one from Larry as he goes up, but GMU can’t score. Maynor comes down and hits a floater. 15-9 VCU leads. 10:14 to play.

VCU will come out with Burgess guarding Vaughn on the inbound and will pressure full court style. Pearson misses for GMU and TJ gets a board. Bradford misses a three and GMU goes back down the court with the ball. Pearson will get the easy lay in after Larry blocks his first try. The shot clock runs out on VCU but Bradford does get a three pointer off first, he just doesn’t make it unfortunately. Mike Morrison for GMU gets a two foot jumper to bank in. And Larry shows he can do the same on the other end of the court.

Great ball movement by the Rams and Burgess finds Larry for a big dunk that shakes that rim forward. Monroe misses another shot and Larry notches another board. Joey gets called for a travel, goes up and down with the ball, and turns the ball over. Timeout on the floor. Expect a lot since this is an ESPN game. 9-3 VCU leads. 15:15 to play in the first.

Dre Smith picks up his first, but it was away from the ball. Eric turns the ball over on an inbounds pass to Larry that he had to throw up high. Monroe came down with it though, but misses the shot on the other side and Larry logs another board.

Bradford Burgess is a man! He hits a three from the corner and VCU is leading 7-2 with 17:08 to play in the first. KP gets charged for his first and Birdsong will shoot two. He will miss his first though and the score remains the same. His second is good. 7-3 VCU.

Birdsong gets called for the travel under the basket and the ball comes back to the Rams. Larry misses a fall away jumper, but grabs a rebound off a Cam Long scratch. Eric dishes down low to a waiting KP and he gets his bucket to fall. Larry blocks a Vaughn three attempt and Cam and KP get tied up on a loose ball. Possession to GMU. Dre Smith barely beats the shot clock and gets his shot to fall.

Possession arrow to GMU. Larry gets a pass from Eric and hits a baseline jumper for the first two points of the game.

I just caught myself biting my nails, ha.

2:51 until tip off. Get in front of a TV if you aren’t here.

There is a battle of the bands going on right now. Tough one to call. Dynamically VCU wins. Crispness/tighntness goes to Mason. Both play songs I can’t stand at one point or another. SO, they cancel each other out in that field. But, just plain more fun and involving you ask? VCU hands down. And, not to mention, if I hear that damn “Livin’ on a Prayer” song again I may just throw up, or fall down, or leave the building altogether. But the VCU “Requiem for a Dream” song beats all other song selection’s, by both bands, hands down.

Welcome Home Everybody!! 41 minutes until tip off. LET’S GO VCU!!! VCU GO RAMS GO!!

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  • Joeski
  • March 10, 2009
Best played game all season, defensively and offensively, and at the perfect time. Well done, guys!