Game over everybody, VCU will live to fight on Sunday 61-52 is your final. Good season GSU and Coach Rod Barnes. We will see you next season. Now it’s ODU’s turn to lose to Hofstra. And now it’s my turn to sit and watch a game. Check the post below for final stats. Sorry about the internet, and we will see you beautiful black and gold children on Sunday! VCU GO RAMS GO!

GSU is playing the fouling game with 44 seconds to play. Brandon will go to the line. Looks like the Rams will have this one locked up. Rozzell gets his first shot in just fine. And the second shot follows suit. Gerard Smith is checking in as soon as Eric gets his free throws in. He will end with 18 points. Joey will end his day with just 3 points. And Larry takes a seat early with 8 points.

VCU turns the ball over as Larry is called for the traveling violation. Nixon checks in and KP takes a seat for the Rams. Chase is called for a quick foul off a GSU turnover. Joey is fouled and then run out of boiunds into the loving arms of KP hah.

Maynor gets a pretty layup, but GSU comes down the court and pulls a wide open three. 58-49 VCU leads. 2:35 to play. Rod Barnes calls a timeout.

Burgess hits another three for VCU and we needed it. That will push the VCU lead back to 10 points and just under four minutes to play. 3:49 to be exact.

Eric picks up a ludicrous third foul. Clean block. Maynor hits a three as the whistle blows for the foul, but the ref’s wave it off. The Coliseum is pissed and booing loud and hard. VCU leads 53-44. 4:54 to play.

Larry gets sent to the line and the crowd erupts into cheering and applause, ha. He misses both attempts though. Joe Dukes does a nice up and under to get past a swatting Sanders. Nice move really. GSU trails by ten points. 47-37. 7:34 to play.

After taking a break Maynor gets back onto the court. 10:00 to play in the second VCu leads 44-29 and we just picked up our 5th team foul. GSU gets a three point play to work in the favor. Eric finds Brandon on the opposite side of the court and he hits a three to get us those points right back. Turnover by GSU and they give us the ball on the inbounds.

Maynor gets his first three pointer of the game and pushes the lead to 16 for the Rams. Chase gets a couple free throws to go. And Brandon gets a three of his own to drop. VCU leads 44-29 with 11:29 to play. Timeout on the floor. dsc_0108-medium

Bradford drives the lane off a Nixon assist and gets bucket. Then promptly gets the steal to go with it. TJ makes a patented head fake under the basket and then gets the easy layup after juking GSU player out his shoes. GSU can’t take the pressure defense. This place is getting mighty mighty loud. Turnover by GSU.

Ok back from half at the 15:45 mark. The internet is poor here everybody and I apologize for that. Maynor has scored four points and Bradford hit two three points. VCU leads 34-21.

Not how it was designed but it was better. Brandon misses a long three, but Larry gets the sickest of sick put back dunks. Literally, right before the buzzer. VCU leads at half 24-15. Gotta take a breather myself. See you back here soon.dsc_0083-medium

Sanders gets his first block of the night at around the 1:15 mark. VCU doesn’t get the offense to match it though as Brandon is caught sleeping a bit and the shot clock ticks out from under us. 8.6 seconds to play and Maynor calls a timeout to set the play up right. dsc_0080-medium

TJ gets both free throw shots after Chase fouls him. Larry gets his first dunk of the tournament off a pass from Maynor. And then Brandon gets a steal off the press defense and takes the ball straight in for his own dunk. GSU is struggling with out press right now. VCU might have come out a bit slow on offense but our defense shall maintain. 2:25 to play in the first. VCU leads 22-15.

This game is less than pretty. Ha. Larry and Joey take a seat while Brandon and TJ check in. Timeout on the floor. 3:40 to play until half and VCU leads 16-15.

Real poor internet here. Struggling to keep up with the demand of all the media outlets. KP misses a couple free throws. Saintil checks in and draws the charge. But Maynor turns the ball over as it just slips out of his hands. GSU ties the game at 15. But get a free throw shot to make it a three point play. They can’t capitalize though. GSU will now send Terrance to the line. Two shots. Saintil gets one of them and the lead back for VCU. 16-15 5:11 to play.

Well, poor internet here at the Coliseum, but Maynor checked out and Joey came in. Since that point GSU scored and tied that game. But TJ got the points back for us. Off shot by GSU and TJ rips a board away. GSU takes a thirty second timeout. 15-13 VCU leads. 7:40 to play in the first half. dsc_0016-medium1

Timeout on the court. dsc_0019-medium

Larry gets a basket, Nixon draws a charge. And we are at a two point lead 13-11 VCU. 11:58 to play.

Rozzell checks in for Joey and immediately gets a basket. That is great to see. A baseline jumper from about 10 feet out. KP takes a breather for the Rams as Nixon see’s his first action of the day.dsc_0065-medium

Maynor gets his first basket of the game after pulling on of his patented act like you’re passing the ball over-the-head fakes. I love that move. Ha. Timeout. VCU leads 9-8. 15:59 to play in the first. dsc_0064-medium

Larry gets his first basket with a one step hook shot in the paint. 7-4 VCU 16:53 to play in the first. Scratch that. 7-6 VCU leads.

Joey gets his first foul and sends GSU to the line. The hit both free throws. He gets it back though. Joey hits a three off a nice high screen from Larry and dish from Bradford. Looks like Joey is rockin’ a bit of a mohawk too. Turnover by Larry. But a quick shot fro GSU turns the ball back over.

KP gets first blood. How appropriate. Maynor gets the ball to KP under the basket and he gets VCU on the board.

Lineups are being announced and wouldn’t you know, ODU is cheering on GSU. Ha, but GSU doesn’t even want ODU fans in their student section. Don’t forget to sign up for Twitter updates while you are at the site everybody.

Welcome Home VCU Ram Fans!!Here we are at the Richmond Coliseum. Looking to take advantage of GSU for the third time this season. dsc_0003-medium

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