Photos – VCU vs. ODU – CAA Tournament

The Rams will advance to the CAA championship game this Monday after an enduring battle against the Monarchs of ODU. Eric Maynor put up 23 points, Larry Sanders had 14 rebounds and 12 points. VCU effectively shut down Gerald Lee, limiting him to just 5 points for the afternoon. Darius James, who has been an impact player for ODU over the past few games, put up 0 points in 34 minutes of playing time. VCU returns to the coliseum Monday night at 7 PM to battle for the CAA championship title. These photos should fuel your amnesia as we anxiously await Monday night.

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Matt has been reporting on VCU sports for 13 years. He is a graduate of VCU (BS in Information Systems, 2004, MS in Information Systems, 2016).
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  • March 9, 2009
These are incredible pics guys. Love 'em. Thanks for doing this!