Joey Rodriguez to transfer from VCU

gfx.phpIt is being reported by the Richmond Times-Dispatch that rising junior VCU Guard, Joey Rodriguez will be transferring from VCU. Rodriguez is transferring back closer to his home of Oviedo, FL. He was part of VCU’s former coach, Anthony Grant’s first recruiting class at VCU. This makes the 3rd player lost (Lance Kearse, Myk Brown, Rodriguez) that was recruited to VCU by former coach Anthony Grant. We will have more on this as it is released.

Click here for the Times-Dispatch article

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  • diana
  • April 13, 2009
  • VCUhoops#1
  • April 13, 2009
let's be honest, Rodriguez isn't that good anyways.

He started as a freshman and sophomore, but he surely cost VCU a victory over UCLA with his terrible ball handling. Too short to play the two, too sloppy with the basketball to play the point.

I know this isn't a good sign for the Rams, but at the same time we're not losing as much on the court as it would appear. The guys who will replace him will also out perform him, and one could make the case that Joey's leaving is partially due to the heat he'll be feeling from the guys trying to take his spot.
Out of curiosity, who are the "guys who will replace him?" We are borderline with Eblen right now, and Gerard Smith is the only PG on our roster.

I doubt Joey left because of any "heat" either. The incoming PG, Eblen, will be a freshman. Joey would have been a junior r and a lock for the starting position. Eblen would have to be an incredible PG for him to steal that starting spot. Not impossible, but the transition from HS to NCAA is often times extremely tough. Remember, Maynor wasn't even a starting PG his freshman year.

This is all just my opinion. Also, I think Joey left for exactly the same reason he stated to the press. It isn't that tough to believe if you recall that after his freshman year Joey said he had packed his bags a couple times. He has been homesick since he got here. Grant was his connection to home. They had known each other for almost 15 years. Once that connection leaves, well, so does Joey.

And our message for Joey is this, Best of luck in all your endeavors and it was a pleasure knowing you and family. VCU enjoyed our time with you.
  • Jason
  • April 14, 2009
My only fear is that Eblen will not come to VCU now that Joey has left. Ben and Joey have been talking to each other, as stated in some published articles, about playing for Coach Smart. But if Ben was really thinking about it he would now get more playing time with Joey gone.

But I have felt and still feel that Gavin will be Great! Gavin, Skeen and Sanders will equal 20 wins.
  • vcu ram
  • April 14, 2009
this is the dagger..BIG LOSS
  • Paul
  • April 14, 2009
Jay Gavin and Ben Eblen probably put a lot of pressure on Joey. Joey's game is fit to make hime one of the top D2 ball players. If he played like he was 5'10" and stopped driving to the hole on someone that was twice his size, he would have been a better PG. But the team will not miss a beat without Joey. I think they will be much better with Skeen and Gavin on the team.
  • Mat
  • April 14, 2009
Talk about a door opening for Eblen... not only does VCU lose a PG to the NBA...but their second option transfers to a D2 school...

Ben Eblen has just inherited a fantastic situation for a young PG. Play on a team fresh off an NCAA tournament bid that returns everyone but the position you play...they add a 6'8 Wake Forest transfer and (from what i hear) a dynamite shooter in Jay Gavin... oh and then there is that small detail of a NBA bound center named Larry Sanders. He could also be starting opposite Oklahoma's Willie Warren in a few months IN RICHMOND..

I hate to lose Joey, think he's a great guy, one of the nicest players I've talked to...but it could also result in a VERY mutually beneficial situation for Ben Eblen and VCU fans...
  • David
  • April 14, 2009
I agree on what has been discussed so far. Joey has contributed a lot to VCU basketball, but I think we can all agree that he hasn't been consistent as a PG especially in key games where we need consistency. I wish him the best of luck in Division II at Rollins.

On a good note, I do agree that this would be the perfect situation for Ben Eblen to pop into the picture. With the loss of our two starting PG's, he's going to get a lot of playing time.

If the rest of our players return for the next season, we'll come off strong again. Larry Sanders (F/C) and Jamie Skeen (F) dominating the front court, and Bradford Burgess (SG), Jay Gavin (SG/PG), and Ben Eblen (PG) dominating the backcourt. We have the depth in the front court with Gwynn and Pischalnikov, as well as in backcourt shooting with Nixon and Rozzell. Saintil is a good transitioning player with a lot of potential. My hope is to see Gerard Smith at least make a FG or 3PT next season :)

As for VCU Basketball, have faith. It'll all fall into place and I feel as if our team will emerge stronger than before in the coming years.
  • RedRam
  • April 14, 2009
No doubt next year will be extremely tough for us with all the changes. Plus Old Dumbass U. and Girly Man U. will have strong teams that have redemption on their minds. However, I think VCU can four-peat as regular season champs because its Richmond baby and everyone is used to having a target on their back.

Also, ramnation you guys rock, keep up the good work. I will need to be entertained by y'all all summer.
  • Painful Truth
  • April 14, 2009
Im glad his ass is leaving...He lost us the UCLA game. Way to lead the nation in turnovers
  • Jason
  • April 16, 2009
anyone heard anything about Jason West? He plays with Eblen in Florida and has yet to commit to a college.

He is from Woddbridge and has narrowed his choices down to Marshall and us.

6'6 1/2 SG, would fit in nice with Rozzell and Nixon
Looks like Joey turned out better than many expected. I agree he's had a few shaky moments, but 2009-2010 has provided a good bit of redemption! He's the straw that stirs the drink now. 2010-2011 is looking very good with only a few lost players from a very good team!! Go RAMS!!
  • RETARDS!!!!!!!
  • August 21, 2010
As I read this, I can only say who the heck are you guys to bash on a player like that. I wonder if you all are the same ones kissing up to Joey now that he has carried VCU on his shoulder his Junior year. I know half of you guys have not even shot a basketball, when you can not tell a floor leader like Joey Rodriguez is the key to this team. Keep doing your thing Joey and prove them wrong!
  • joeyrodriguez#12
  • March 21, 2011

looks like i turned out to be better than you thought. i'll remember not to take your opinion seriously next time lol.
  • CaseyF
  • March 21, 2011
Haha, you tell em Joey. Looking forward to seeing the Rams crush the Noles. Carry it all the way.

  • Ryan
  • March 27, 2011
Rodriguez has talent and class. Congrats on a Final Four berth and guiding your team's spectacular run.
  • UconnFan
  • March 29, 2011
What a way to prove your haters wrong. Lead your team to the Final Four.
  • NoleFan
  • April 3, 2011
Congratulations on your improbable, but magical, run to the final four. I wonder if this is still the case for Joey R. By the way Joey, you did a fantastic job running that quick sharpshooting offense. Funny, when you guys beat my beloved Noles I never felt an ounce of disdain for the Rams. I actually became a fan. So to the team and to the fans, don't let the Butler defeat cause you to lose site of the accomplishments this team has had this year. Hey Joey, Tallahassee is not that far from Anyway, thanks VCU, for the excitement you injected into this years tourney. I think Shaka may need contract restructuring. Cough it up VCU alum and you might keep him. Go Rams! (When not playin the Noles)