1. Moose says

    Leo, I always knew you were the man.

  2. Matt Morton says
  3. Matt Morton says


    Check out that link… 48 hits from Beverly Hills in a month 🙂

  4. Mat says

    Leo…I know it may not be the Stapel’s Center…but I got you a courtside seat at the Siegel Center if you ever want one

  5. Pete says

    I wonder what the connection is?

  6. Anahita says


  7. Grant says

    Very nice! Glad to see it. Really nice site guys, I am really impressed. did you Change the CSS? Keep up the good work. I love getting the feed here in the jungle!

  8. ODU4Life says

    Since we always smack you fools around…maybe you should throw our mascot a vote! Vote Big Blue!!!

  9. Steve DVA says

    Maybe he and VCU grad and TV star Boris Kodjoe are friends?

  10. Chris Munton says

    It is not the first time he rocked the VCU cap. He collects College ball caps… check out this site. One pic has him rocking the VCU cap back in 2009.


  11. rizzle says

    yes, cream my pants, did.

  12. emily says

    Leo — Smart guy! Come watch the Rams play! And help us get football!

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