Mike Schlegel Loses Battle With Cancer

Mike Schlegel, Center on some of VCU’s highly successful early 80s squads, passed away yesterday after a long bout with cancer. Schlegel is consider an All-Time great by many VCU fans, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

You will be missed by all of Ram Nation Mike.

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  • Bill Shelton
  • April 3, 2009
What a GREAT VCU basketball player, and I was lucky enough to see him play! Whenever I think of the great times of VCU basketball history I think of Mike Schlegel - you will be greatly missed!
  • ISwamRam
  • April 4, 2009
Very sad to hear this. It seems like yesterday I was on campus & classes with Mike. Hard to believe he's gone at such a young age.
  • sah
  • April 4, 2009
I went to high school with Mike. He was our star basketball player and very much liked by the whole class. Rest in Peace Mike. We will always remember the good times.
  • Clay
  • April 6, 2009
Mike was a great classmate and friend in High School. A very warm, friendly and talented guy.
Rest peacefully.
Mike was a childhood friend of mine in Bay Shore. He was a towering man amoungst men and his legacy will live on. He was more than just an athlete. He was a dedicated, peaceful giant whose positive attitude moved many people. I will never forget one thing about Mike; he never forgot his roots and was always giving. I'll never forget him getting me ten tickets to the VCU South Florida game while visiting Florida where again, Mike, Calvin Duncan and the boys treated us like kings!

One Love Mike and may your soul rest in peace. You will be missed!

Bill O'Connell
I am very sad to hear that Mike has passed away. We were both from Long Island, became friends at VCU and enjoyed alot of good times together. Seems like yesterday that we would be walking around the city of Richmond! Enjoyed watching him play Ram ball and appreciated him coming out to watch our Rugby games. What a good guy that will always be in my thoughts and prayers!

Anthony Franzese
  • frojunk
  • April 6, 2009
I always wondered what had become of Mike Schlegel, this was certainly unwelcome news. He was an awsome basketball player - the cog of a fantastic team! I could go on and on about him - he was just a great part of those teams and a true fan favorite. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends; he will always be remembered as one of our best!
  • Jerry Lutkenhaus
  • April 7, 2009
I was a fan of those VCU teams of the 1980's and I always enjoyed the effort Mike put into those games. He was certainly much to young to pass away.
  • Tony
  • April 14, 2009
I attended High School with Mike and was very saddened to learn of his passing. When I first moved to Long Island in 9th grade I would sit at his lunch table, I have a vision of such in my head as if it were just yesterday. We went on to play football together and we had much success on the field. Mike was a good guy.

Rest in peace Mike!
  • Demente
  • May 14, 2009
He played in Spain in different teams but I have special warm memories of his time playing with the Estudiantes of Madrid in the Antonio Magariños arena. It was great to meet you Miguel!!!
  • Michelle Richards
  • February 27, 2010
I am so sad to read of Mike's passing. I was a junior in high school and attended Mike's games with my mom (a VCU Alumni) and loved to watch him play along with Calvin Duncan. Mike was always so kind and generous to those around him!
Rest in peace, Mike!
  • alfonso
  • April 17, 2010
from spain,

Mike era un jugador especial, cuando yo tenía 16 años me firmo un balón. Nunca lo olvidaré. Era muy buen jugador, aunque no pudo triunfar en su país ya que en esa epoca la NBA tenía gran nivel. En España era una Estrella. He visto mucho baloncesto y Mike era de lo mejor que he visto, como persona debía ser mucho más.

Increible que se haya ido tan joven. Descanse en paz en el cielo
  • Neil Campbell
  • April 19, 2010
I'm very sad to hear about Michael passing away from Cancer. I recently heard something from my parents about a memorial for Michael but had no idea what happened until now. Michael and I were best friends until my family moved away when I was 9 years old. That had a huge impact on my life and probably Michael as well although we never talked about it. We both stayed in touch as much as we could but since neither of us could drive yet we lost touch with each other and eventually wound up going our separate ways. From time to time I heard how he was doing with his career and athletic accomplishments which speak for themselves so I can only comment about who he was as a person. Michael was a true and loyal friend. He was kind, competitive, but compassionate as well. I remember playing basketball at his house and he let me score a few points just so I didn't feel bad which showed me that he sincerely cared about how I felt and others as well. He had a big heart and whoever had the privilege of knowing him would agree. I have deep and fond memories of Michael and his family and I'm very proud to have been a small part of his life. God bless... Neil