number12_golden_yellow_sweat_wristband12 Days to go… Also the number of assists Eric Maynor dropped on UNCW this past January and Larry Sander’s current 2010 Mock Draft position on

…Oh, and then there’s this guy —>CAA Old Dominion Va Commonwealth Basketball Joey Hustle, Joey Sunshine, J Rod, Boo Boo…#12, Joey Rodriguez.

Joey has been handed the keys to the Ram Mobile, and will try and steer our offense in the same direction Eric Maynor had it going for the past four seasons… we think he’s capable.

Joey returns as one of the top deep ball shooters in the CAA (.416 62-149). He’s going to have to hit a lot of those to replace the 22+ a game Eric Maynor gave the Rams this past season. But having scored in double figures 20 times as a sophomore, we think Joey is poised to do great things as an emerging leader for the VCU Rams.

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