1. Rambunctious says

    very nice, but just call it what it is…the Larry Sanders November highlight video!

  2. Kenny says

    These used to be iPhone compatible- not using QuickTime anymore? Damn. Oh yeah, and when can we expect to download vcuramnation app i’ve been hearing about?

  3. Leon says

    I agree with Kenny on this. Definitely should move back to quicktime.

  4. admin says

    For Quicktime you can always just click on “Play Now” or “Play in Pop Up”

  5. mmorton says

    You can also subscribe to our iTunes Podcast feed and get the audio interviews as well as these videos, straight to your iPhone / iPod Touch.

  6. kenny says

    Thanks, I didn’t know the “Play Now” or “Play in Pop Up” were Quicktime!

    Great vid!

  7. Joe says

    I think Gavin’s back to back 3’s should have made the list, or one of Burgess’s and-1’s. It was a little Sanders heavy.

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