Northeastern Sweeps VCU

vcu-basketball2After struggling early the tide seemed to be turning for the Rams as a Larry Sanders dunk tied the score at 37. From that point on the Huskies of Northeastern kept VCU at a comfortable distance and finished with a 74-62 win.

VCU had won four straight heading into today’s rematch in Boston, but in a game when nothing seemed to go the Rams way, the black and gold could not seem to get over the hump as Northeastern controled the game’s tempo on the way to their 11th straight victory.

Larry Sanders lead VCU with 22 points and was the only Ram to score in double digits. Sanders lead all players with 10 rebounds and notched his 5th double double of the season.

Joey Rodriguez and Bradford Burgess added 9 points each but shot a combined 7-22 (Rodriguez was 3-13).

Nkem Ojougboh lead a balanced Husky attack with 18 points.

Four Huskies found double digits as Northeastern hit just over 58% of it’s shots.

The Rams (13-5, 5-4) drop to 6th place in the CAA heading into a 7:30 wednesday home matchup against the Tigers of Towson.

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  • VCU 2011
  • January 24, 2010
As a journalism student... I'm disgusted that this blog claims to be "By the Fans, For the Fans" when it edits fans comments, even if those fans are from another school. A comment posted last night by a nor'eastern fan was cool, without vulgarity and it was on topic. It was deleted (along with a JMU fans comment) purely because it wasn't from a VCU voice. Disgusting... This site is obviously "By the school, and for the school" and has no concern for open discussion or free speech. But apparently its run by four dudes without better things to do then edit comments and post news we can find... well.... in the dispatch or any newspaper on the east coast. Go on delete this Comment... It's the internet, but you're practices are pathetic and I won't be reading this blog anymore. I call on all Ram fans that read this site to post vulgar comments about other schools to highlight my opinion... Oh wait, they already do.

Go Rams, Go Redskins, Go Caps...
  • Rambunctious
  • January 24, 2010
Hey dude, it's just basketball. Step off the ledge.
  • Michael
  • January 24, 2010
VCU 2011,
If you don't like the site, you don't have to visit it. Some ask that we edit comments and some ask that we don't. "For the school, by the school." You couldn't be more wrong. They haven't given us a dime and we've never asked for one. We are all proud VCU alumni and we love VCU basketball. Helping promote VCU's program is a by product of what we do.

From one journalism major to another, I hope you realize that like basketball, this is all about having fun and sharing a passion.

Michael Hagan
VCU 2004
  • Mat
  • January 24, 2010
Disgusted? Really?

I don't see how deleting an ODU post that said "VCU SUCKS" really removes much "open discussion" from our site.

When you graduate in two years I hope you take your BA in journalism and start a VCU blog of your own (CAA teams could use all the coverage they can get). There you will be free to filter ODU, Mason, and whoever else's fans attempts at starting pissing matches however you please.

In the meantime we will continue to spend our time and money on covering VCU hoops in our own way, because as you said...we have nothing - better - to - do.