Duked, Rams Lose 2nd Straight

LoseTwo halftime leads, two losses.

VCU lost it’s second in a row for just the second time this season. This time watching an 8 point halftime lead turn into a 3 point deficit in a matter of just three minutes, resulting in a 76-71 final.

JMU (11-15, 4-11) played just 7 players on the night, one of which…Denzel Bowles, lead the Dukes with a dominating 21 points but fouled out with 8 minutes to play.

Julius Wells took over where Bowles left off, scoring 20 points including two huge threes down the stretch.

The Rams gave up 43 second half points in a game they desperately needed to win.

Coming into tonight the Rams were locked in a three way tie for that crucial 4th seed needed for a Friday night tournament bye. And seeing Drexel win early, with William and Mary leading top seeded Northeastern, a Rams loss would drop the black and gold to either 5th or 6th in the CAA (depending on the W&M v. NU result).

The loss was Shaka Smart’s 7th of his head coaching career, 5 of which the Rams lead at the half.

VCU moves to 17-7 on the season, 9-6 in conference play heading into a crucial Tuesday matchup against Drexel.

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  • Alvin Buchanan
  • February 13, 2010
Earth to Larry Sanders...Do you know what the NBA does to tall, skinny, athletic people? They eat them up and spit them out. If you cant excel at the college level, how in the heck do you think you can compete in the NBA. Just because every team in the NBA has come to watch you, doesnt mean they are impressed. Heck, you were better last year. It is amazing to watch the difference between a player trying to prove himself vs a player that thinks he is already there. BIG NEWS FLASH... YOU ARE NOT THERE. You cant average more than 15 and 8 in the CAA?!!! What would you do in the Big East? 5 pts, 5 rebs per game. Yeah, if you are lucky. You show you ass every game these days without the discipline of Anthony Grant. Do you really think you will even make it 2 years in the NBA. Guess again. They have 100 players better than you that way 50 lbs more than you. Get your head out your ass and play basketball.
  • Mat
  • February 14, 2010
15 points and 14 rebounds (7 of which were offensive) in only 23 minutes is a pretty solid night in any league. Sure wish we had had a player like that when we had guys like Dom Jones and Nick George on our squad.

Larry's points, rebounds, and shooting % numbers are all up this year (leads the team in those first two, second to only Saintil in fg%) and he's only averaging an additional minute of play. He's blocking .3 less shots, but .5 less fouls as well.

Larry tends to get all the blame when VCU loses because people project him as a lottery pick. Larry never gave himself that tag.

Rozzell, Burgess, and Nixon go a combined 5-22 in a 5 point loss and people slam Larry. The guy can't win games by himself, especially when he's double teamed the whole game.