Video: VCU Seniors exit the Stu with a win


Tonight was a big game…for many reasons. It marked a rematch against JMU after losing in Harrisonburg earlier this month, it marked Coach Smart’s 20th win of his first season, it kept the hope of 4th seed for the CAA Tournament alive. Most importantly, it marked the last time Kirill Pishchalnikov and TJ Gwynn would take stage at the Stu.

This win also set Gwynn as the all time winning-est Ram. After an emotional senior celebration for the two, the Rams, led by Joey Rodriguez, went on a tear right out the gate. Rodriguez scored the Rams first 8 points of the night and ended up with 24 overall.

The Rams defeated the Dukes, 76-62 and head into Norfolk on Saturday to face rivals, ODU, to keep knocking away at the 4th seed.

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  • Pavarotti
  • February 25, 2010
Why is TJ giving Kirill a noogie, while he's kissing his girl?
  • Usman Altafullah
  • February 25, 2010
It's two different pictures, in one TJ is pointing and the other Krill is kissing his girl..I thought the same thing too lol