Hey Now! Live Video Chat with Larry Sanders

Larry Sanders will sit down for his first live uStream broadcast as a Milwaukee Buck 6PM on Oct. 4th, the night before his first preseason game against the Chicago Bulls in Chicago, IL.

(Note: For those of you scratching your head wondering what a uStream is, it’s basically a live video chat…except he can’t see you, so no dress code is required to attend this online event)

RSVP for the broadcast athttp://www.ustream.tv/thelarrysandersshow . The broadcast will be able to be watched via uStream.tv front page or on his facebook.com/Sandersfl on a tab labeled Larry Live or viahttp://www.ustream.tv/thelarrysandersshow

And dont forget to add Larry on his new twitter, @LarryLuv_8 to keep up with Larry Sanders in his first season as a pro!


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