Video: Commonwealth Collegiate Challenge game highlights

About 1,000 fans showed up one final time at the Stu to cheer on VCU’s seniors.

The VCU seniors teamed up with Kevin Anderson and Dan Geroit from the Richmond Spiders along with other players from Virginia schools to form the team, Hoopstown USA.

On the other team were, just to name a few, Tyrelle Bell (VA Tech), Austin Freeman (Georgetown), Isiah Tate (George Mason) and Ben Finney(ODU).

The didn’t see a lot of defense but the players did put on a fun spectacle for the crowd that saw the match up head into a 3 minute overtime with Hoopstown USA eventually taking the loss by a missed three point attempt at the buzzer by VCU’s Brandon Rozzell.

Michael Hagan is a '04 VCU Graduate (Mass Comm) and a lifelong Richmonder. He also is a full time commercial & video producer. His favorite VCU ...