Video: Siegel Center Renovations, Part 1

Back in February the VCU board of visitors approved $3 million in upgrades to the 12-year old Siegel Center that was what Brian J. Ohlinger, VP for Facilities Management, called “fundraising-dependent”.

A little over a month later, the Rams went on a historic run through the NCAA tournament, straight to the Final 4, and pretty much put an end to any speculation on whether or not the Rams would be able to raise those funds.

With construction underway, VCU Director of Facilities and Siegel Center Operations, Tim Lampe, took us on a tour of the gutted second floor of the Stu in Part 1 of our documentation of the Siegel Center renovations.

We will be checking back with Tim every two to three weeks to give Ram fans a glimpse of the renovations as they happen.

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