Video: Diary of an ESPY winner

I’ve gotta say, tonight’s editing task was a pretty special experience.

A few months ago I felt like a pseudo-celebrity when Buick flew two of us to Houston to live the Final 4 highlife. But after viewing the footage VCU senior Ed Nixon shot on the Ram Nation flip cam during his recent trip to this year’s ESPY awards, I can honestly say I have a much better idea of what it’s REALLY like living the life of a celebrity.

Of course I’d love to show you the complete hour or so of footage Mr. Nixon brought us back from the city of angels, much of which is hilarious, other parts “visually stimulating”. But unfortunately Vimeo will only let me upload so large of a file, so you’ll have to enjoy this roughly 10 minute video for the time being.

A special thanks again goes out to Ed Nixon, Brandon Rozzell, Joey Rodriguez, Jamie Skeen, and Bradford Burgess for letting the Ram Nation camera tag along yet again to a major event in their lives. We’ve got some of the most down to Earth players, coaches and administrators at VCU, and we at VCURamNation.com greatly appreciate that.

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