Georgia State escapes The Stu with a win; Rams get first CAA loss

It may have been only just two weeks but it felt like forever since the Rams last home game.  Tonight the Rams hosted the red hot Panthers of Georgia State under their first year coach, Ron Hunter, who has led them on a ten game win streak.

Both teams were undefeated in conference play heading into the match up.  Georgia State went on to a 3-0 conference record while VCU drops to 2-1 after the 55-53  loss.

Poor shooting was the story of the night for VCU ending the night shooting just 27 % from the field.  Troy Daniels led all Rams with 15 points and was the only Ram to break into double digits.

Georgia State’s Jihad Ali led all players with 17 points as the Panther continue their winning streak to 11 games and are the only CAA team with an undefeated conference record.

Senior Bradford Burgess went cold on the night waiting until the final minutes to get his first field goal of the evening and ended with just 5 points in 34 minutes.

This marks the second time the Panthers have defeated the Rams since joining the conference.

The game set a new record for consecutive sell outs at The Stu at 10.

The Rams will travel to Philly on Jan 8th to face the Drexel Dragons.

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  • Callawayjack
  • January 5, 2012
Radio commentators (Mike Ellis?) made a good point about how the Rams handled the zone.  He likened it to bending and pulling a rubber band to get it out of shape and then attack it.  The Rams got it bent, but would then pull the ball back out instead of attacking.
That wasted the game clock and did not allow enough time to get the zone unbalanced again.  My question is why do the guards spend so much clock keeping the ball outside,usually at the top, of the perimeter instead of attacking early.