My Christmas list now available on

Anyone checked out the new auction items at

Tons of autographed stuff, and that’s great (who doesn’t love an autograph), but there are two items in particular that made this blog worthy for me.

In order of awesomeness:

1) Two tickets in the Tommy J. West Club and One Parking Pass to Next Season’s Home Game Against Alabama – Generally I’m shooting the games, so don’t really get a chance to enjoy VCU hoops in the lap luxury (don’t get me wrong, my courtside seat is amazing, but there isn’t much padding between my bony butt and the hardwood floor I sit on the few hours I’m there, sandwiched between a couple of other media folks). I did however get a chance to make it up top one game day, all be it briefly, thanks to the famous but generous Chris “Pav” Crowley, who donated four tickets to Ram Nation for last year’s banner raising festivities. I’m a VCU superfan, and love being among the people, but I gotta say…damn nice up there. It was the most “big time” the Siegel Center has ever felt to me. In my opinion, there may be no better seat than ponied up to the TJW bar tops that face the Siegel Center court. Throw in the fact that this is against ALABAMA, lead by former VCU head coach ANTHONY GRANT, and this is a serious item to win. Bidding starts at $150.

2) Four Ball “Person” Passes and Game Tickets – There is a certain level of professionalism that I’m sure is expected when you serve as a ball “person” (not sure why that’s in quotes), but how fun/hilarious would it be to get some grown ups doing that during the game? Love when the kids do it, laugh when it’s an adult. The major perk of this though…not the ability to sit courtside, but the chance to shoot some buckets on the court when there’s no action on the floor. The kids do it, why can’t you? Bidding starts at $100 for this (hell, it’s about that much to get four people into a game anyway, let alone eight).


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