Former Ram NBA Summer League TV viewer’s guide

You’re going to want to print this one out and hang it on your fridge with one of your favorite old VCU schedule magnets (yes, we miss those too). Behold, the list of NBA Summer League games on NBA TV featuring former Rams.

July 9th
11AM Brooklyn v Orlando (Bradford Burgess) (rerun at 12AM 7/10)

July 10th
3PM Detroit v Orlando (Burgess) (rerun at 4AM 7/11)

July 11th
11PM Utah v Orlando (Burgess)

July 12th
5PM Philadelphia v Orlando (Burgess)

July 13th
10AM Boston v. Orlando (Burgess)

July 16th
10:30PM New Orleans v Milwaukee (Larry Sanders)

July 18th
12PM Boston v Chicago (Jamie Skeen)
4PM Washington v Milwaukee (Sanders)

July 19th
12PM Washington v Milwaukee (Sanders)
2PM Houston v Chicago (Skeen)

July 20th
8:30PM Golden State v Chicago (Skeen)

July 21st
8:30PM LA Clippers v Chicago (Skeen)
10:30PM Boston v Milwaukee (Sanders)

July 22nd
4PM Milwaukee (Sanders) v Chicago (Skeen)

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