KG, As In Keeps Giving…

Must-read article comes from CollegeChalktalk.com, where Chris DiSano and staff put together 25 superlatives. For us, it's a very good briefing on some of the players to watch and we learn about our new home.

Side note: CCT.com is also the site where the coaches submit diaries throughout the season. Will Wade participates in this. The site is a definite bookmark.


VCU basketball media day is Wednesday. Of course Coach Whatshisname will be there, along with Darius Theus, Troy Daniels, Juvonte Reddic, DJ Haley, Rob Brandenberg, and Treveon Graham.

Got any (legitimate) questions? You know my email.


Kyle Getter is with Mike Jones at Radford now. However he's still dropping knowledge on us. From two tweets earlier today:

Interesting fact: 25% of pts scored in game are FTs. 35% of pts in last
5:00 are FTs, and 67% of pts in last 1:00 by winning team are FTs.

Perimeter players need to try to be "180" guys…90% from FT, 53% FG, and 37% 3FG.

You can take reps and shoot 100 free throws, tired, at the end of every practice. But you also have to have the right mental framework to be successful. There is a difference in practice free throws and game free throws.

As for the three pointers, Getter has a point. Treveon Graham (26-83) and Rob Brandenberg (41-140) probably have the most room for improvement on the squad. (I take Darius Theus out of the mix because I don't want to sully his point guard responsibilities.)

If Graham and Brandenberg hit that 37% mark this season while taking the same number of threes as last season, that is an increase of five three pointers for Graham (31-83) and 11 three pointers for Brandenberg.

I'll take an extra 16 threes and Melvin Johnson for $200, Alex.


Finally, for the video set, here's a great link I stumbled into over the weekend. The A10 conference website posts videos for all its programs, fully categorized and sortable. I like it.