Perusing the Interwebs…

Until we have actual basketball games to preoccupy our every free moment, we're going to have to hunt for information. Since my golf match was cancelled, I had some spare time to hunt down A10 nuggets.

Here you go:

Fordham is holding a closed scrimmage against Villanova on Sunday. Also of note: Tom Pecora is still awaiting an NCAA decision on freshman Ryan Rhoomes. He is Fordham's version of Jordan Burgess–college ready and would play. I'll see what I can find on the scrimmage, re: info that matters.

Dayton held an intrasquad scrimmage over coffee and doughnuts on Saturday morning. Head coacH Archie Miller is at the :31 mark:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Dy2ZdiHFbI?list=PL453630A93F04CAF8&hl=en_US]


George Washington freshman Kevin Larsen injured his hip in practice and had an MRI on Friday. Return is unknown. Larsen is 6-10 and from Denmark (insert your Anton Larsen joke here). Head coach Mike Lonergan told me "he is talented…he has international experience in Denmark so he's a little more advanced than a normal freshman."

As mentioned last week…we're going to see three familiar faces in new uniforms this season. Halil Kancevic made the CAA all freshman team at Hofstra and is now playing for St. Joseph's. Ditto Chaz Williams except he is now at UMass. And Towson's Isaiah Philmore is playing for Xavier. (Philmore will sit Xs first three games due to a paperwork mistake by Pat Kennedy's staff.)

And you probably know former Hofstra coach Tom Pecora is now guiding Fordham.

Speaking of coaches, the basketball junkies will note that UMass head coach Derek Kellogg received a contract extension and raise last week. He's good through 2016-17 at a rate of $665K-$800K per annum. Editorializing note: I really like UMass this year.

St. Louis guard Kwamain Mitchell, a first team All A10 selection, broke his foot and will miss the first six weeks of the season. VCU travels to St. Louis on February 19.

From the "under a rock" file…in case you missed this awesome piece on Richmond coach Chris Mooney don't miss it now. I know it's "Richmond," but Mooney is an impressive individual and should be rightly respected.

Finally, here's Brad Stevens with two minutes from Butler's first practice:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-RNv-_rnQI]