VCU introduces new Rodney the Ram

Some Rodney makeovers through the years, starting with a 1983 version (left) and ending with the newly introduced 2012 edition (far right)

In 2010 VCU asked fans what a new Rodney the Ram should look like. Two years later…introducing your new Rodney.

Rodney has seen a number of makeovers over the years, going from an odd semi-realistic ram to several variations of his recent cartoonish look.

VCU fans (nearly 1300 of them) voted on changes for a new Rodney, which resulted in a slimmed down head and newly sculpted horns.

Rodney’s website said, “respondents favor a well-rounded mascot personality — not too silly but not too scary — with “fun-loving and wild” and “fierce” selected as the most popular adjectives to describe a new Rodney”.

Rodney’s horns got the biggest facelift, as fans wished to make them less “mouse- or shrimp-like and more realistic”.


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