So I took my daughter to a VCU game…

I’ve been wanting to bring my daughter to a VCU game for some time now, but for one reason or another, it just hadn’t happened. Until tonight.

My daughter is three, but is the height of a five year old, so maybe she’s the next Quanitra Hollingsworth, who knows.

That said, all be it early, she currently has about zero interest in doing anything for a living that isn’t being a princess. Chalk that up to gramma, or society, cause she certainly didn’t get it from her parents, but we love it, and we love her, and damn it if she wants to be a princess then I will start saving to get her in whatever that college was that Kate Middleton was enrolled in when she met Prince William.

However, that gives me another 15 years to present her with as many other options as possible, and tonight she got a chance to be inspired by some some new princess, or as she calls them “basketball girls”.

I shot some crummy video of the trip, and it looks like this…

And parents, especially those of young girls like myself, I highly recommend you take your kids to see the women’s hoops team sometime this season. It’s an extremely affordable and family friendly experience with a great chance to see some real role models for your kids.

Oh and by the way, VCU won tonight by 24 points. Their star freshman, Jessica Pellechio scored 30…yes, 30 points! It was the Rams first win of the season.

I like to think a lot of that success had to do with their new good luck charm.

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