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Back to the Future…

My apologies for missing the recap on the Longwood game. Lots of travel. Here's a link to the official recap from the lovely and talented hoops SID Scott Day.

I do hope you had a wonderful holiday season. As we ramp back into hoops mode and think about what's in front of us, it's time for another statistical dump to provide you ponderables.

Again, these are presented without comment. I simply found them interesting. What they mean, and their significance, is yours to chew on:

  • In five December games, Briante Weber has 28 assists and five turnovers. In the six game winning streak, it's 32/5, and Weber has tossed in 4.7rpg and 23 steals.
  • Briante Weber as a starter: 27 assists, three turnovers.
  • The team leader in minutes played in the six game winning streak: Rob Brandenberg (26.1).
  • VCU is 20-0 under Shaka Smart when it has 10 or more steals and 10 or more threes.
  • This season, VCU has about twice as many steals as its opponents (152/78).
  • FWIW, fouls committed are just about even (218 committed, 214 by opponent).
  • Even more FWIW, free throws are closer. In fact, if the opponents go 3-3 they are dead even (Opp: 147-220 FT, VCU: 150-223 FT).
  • Jarred
    Guest has committed 24 fouls in 111 minutes; Rob Brandenberg has
    committed 11 fouls in 289 minutes. Four of Brandenberg's 11 were
    committed in the first game against FGCU.
  • Brandenberg became a full-time starter six games ago. VCUs record since: 6-0.
  • Tre Graham in December: 16.6ppg,  52%FG, 47% threes, 79% FT. He has 6.2rpg (4.2 offensive rebounds per game) and 1.8apg.
  • The last 40 minutes that Darius Theus has played for VCU has seen the opposition score a total of 24 points.
  • Juvonte Reddic has exactly 11 FGA in six of 12 games this year.
  • Briante Weber (9.2%, 1st) and Darius Theus (5.3%, 21st) are in the top 21 nationally, steal percentage.
  • Darius Theus is 14-28 FG (50%) in 8 wins; and 9-28 (32%) in three losses. (He sat one game due to injury.) Theus in losses: 9.7ppg, 9 assists/9 turnovers. Theus in wins: 5.3ppg, 40 assists, 17 turnovers.
  • Theus first half/second half splits, assist to turnovers. First half (31/12); Second half (18/14).
  • Brandenberg first half/second half splits, three pointers. First half 8-28 (28.6%); Second half 12-23 (52.2%).
  • Juvonte Reddic first half/second half splits, free throws. First half 17-21 (81.0%); Second half 11-19 (57.9%).
  • VCU outrebounded the opposition in six of its first eight games, but just once in last four games (Alabama).
  • Treveon Graham: 16.1ppg, 5.3rpg and shooting 53% from field in nine wins; 10.3ppg, 4.7rpg, shooting 38% in three losses.
  • Melvin Johnson: 3-9 free throws at home; 3-3 FT away/neutral.
  • Shaka Smart has played 188 different lineup combinations.
  • VCU has forced
    more than 30 points off turnovers six times. Only three times has VCU forced
    fewer than 19 points off turnovers–Duke (6), Missouri (13), Wichita
    State (9). All losses.