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This Week In The A10…

Your Week's Primer:

VCU (4-0, 16-3): at Richmond, vs. LaSalle. The Rams will see formidable backcourts this week. The Spiders offer the triumvirate of Darien Brothers,
Kendall Anthony, and Ced Lindsay. Then, Roamn Galloway and Tyreek Durden
visit the Siegel Center. Both groups will challenge the press attack.

Xavier (4-0, 11-6): at Charlotte, at St. Joseph's.
The Muskies can prove a lot to the conference this week. There's more
to the roadie on Hawk Hill than at Charlotte, as we still need to learn a
few things about the Niners.

Butler (3-0, 12-4): at LaSalle, vs. Temple.
On the road against a talented Explorers team is no gimme, especially
without Rotnei Clarke, and neither is the homer with Temple. The Bulldogs surviving this week undefeated is a bigger accomplishment than you would immediately think.

Charlotte (3-1, 15-3): vs. Xavier, at George Washington.
Hosting Xavier is a game good teams win; followed by a trip to Foggy
Bottom–another game that good teams win. Keep an eye on Charlotte this

Temple (2-2, 12-5): Penn (noncon), at Butler.
Good structure to the week for the Owls. They should be able to save
legs playing Penn, then battle the Bulldogs for a sense of bragging

LaSalle (2-2, 12-5): vs. Butler, at VCU.
Statement week didn't work out so well for Dayton, and now LaSalle gets
its shot at back-to-back games with the new kids. A combination of 1-1
is a boon to the hopes of Explorers everywhere.

Richmond (2-2, 12-7): vs. VCU, at UMass.
It's a dangerous week for the Spiders. VCU travels all of seven miles
for its "road game" at the Robins Center, and UMass is no picnic on one
day's turnaround. Richmond gets the two teams in the A10 who physically
challenge you most.

George Washington (2-2, 8-9): at Rhode Island, vs. Charlotte.
Mike Lonergan is doing a very good job, and this week gives him the
opportunity to build real momentum. Rhody is a winnable roadie, and
Charlotte at home is a quality between-the-ears test.

UMass (2-2, 12-5): OFF, vs. Richmond.
The Gods of Gas have shone favor on the Minutemen. They get a few days
off to rest up, while the Spiders will hit town the day after facing

St. Joseph's (1-2, 10-6): vs. St. Bonaventure, vs. Xavier.
Here's where the wheels tighten, or the wheels start wobbling at a
dangerous point. Two home games, and two needed wins for a very talented
squad. Keep in mind, Halil Kanacevic is back.

St. Louis (1-2, 12-5): at Duquesne, at St. Bonaventure. Discovery week for Jim Crews's team. The Billikens were picked at the top of the conference, and while a loss at Temple is understood, a home loss to Rhody is a head-scratcher.

Rhode Island (1-2, 6-10): vs. George Washington, at Fordham. See GW writeup. Dan Hurley is doing a bang-up job, and KenPom likes the Rams to squeak out two victories this week. Good vibes? We will see.

Fordham (1-2, 5-13): at Dayton, vs. Rhode Island.
This week is like a 1-and-1 free throw opportunity for Tom Pecora. If
the Rams are to get one, it may as well be the first one. Then the
second becomes a bonus.

St. Bonaventure (1-3, 8-9): at St. Joseph's, vs. St. Louis.
Well, the Bonnies just went to Philly and came home with a win. Whose
to say they cannot again? Tough week, though, getting two very good
teams in need of a victory.

Dayton (0-3, 10-7): vs. Fordham, Duquesne.
The Flyers just need to taste the sweet nectar of victory and have that
opportunity to get back into the middle of the standings this week. You
can bet their extremely proud fan base wants exactly that.

Duquesne (0-4, 7-11): vs. St. Louis, at Dayton. Speaking of teams who just need to win a game. Freshman Derek Colter is the real deal.


Non-VCU Midweek Games of Interest

Xavier at Charlotte: Both these teams were picked in the back half in the preseason yet match up on Wednesday a combined 7-1.

Butler at LaSalle: this is the kind of game that outsiders would look at as a huge upset. Not so. The Explorers have backcourt talent and size on the interior to make them dangerous in any game.

Non-VCU Weekend Games of Interest

St. Louis at St. Bonaventure: Abandon all hope, ye who enter Olean, and the Billikens will arrive after being on the road at Duquesne. danger spot for a bad loss for St. Louis.

Temple at Butler: Do I really have to write anything here?

Xavier at St. Joseph's: The Hawks can prove they are for realreal, while there's 500 implications–including win or lose vs. Charlotte–that makes this compelling for Xavier.