The 80 greatest VCU players ever (or something like it)

Eric Maynor is arguably the greatest player to ever wear the black and gold, but for how much longer?
Eric Maynor is arguably the greatest player to ever wear the black and gold, but for how much longer?

It’s the offseason, and with six full months until the 2013-14 basketball season begins, things get a little slow around here. Coach Smart has turned down interest from other programs (thank God), choosing to focus on recruiting and the occasional culinary competition, VCU’s Atlantic 10 conference affiliation seems stable, and Ram fans are beginning to settle into life without hoops.

That said, our message board typically stays hot in the months between seasons, and yes, even gets a little wacky from time to time. But one of the more enjoyable topics to start the offseason has been our second-ever VCU All-Time Fantasy Draft.

The idea is simple: 10 of our most active posters, ranging from all different ages and eras of VCU hoops fandom (which certainly bring some draft biases), participated in a snake style fantasy draft, each selecting an eight-man roster that will compete in a fantasy bracket voted on by the fans to determine which hypothetical team would reign supreme.

In the process, our forum viewers and posters were able to talk about some of VCU’s all-time greats, while being educated on a number of players to wear the black and gold through VCU’s history (I have a newfound respect for guys like Greg McCray, and did you know Rolando Lamb averaged 17.3 points and 2.75 steals his senior season? That’s more steals than Briante AND more points than Treveon…WITHOUT a 3-point line. Talk about a talent).

The following is a list of the 80 players that made the cut. Keep in mind each poster was drafting a hypothetical team, meaning sometimes a team’s needs might keep one from selecting a better over player if one was overloaded at a particular position. Similarly, teams might have wanted to draft a team to fit a certain style. Using my team, Natty, as an example: when both Rolando Lamb and Larry Sanders (a potentially dominating inside-out defensive combo) fell to me with the 10th and 11th picks, I opted to draft what I thought would be a dominating defensive squad, one that would thrive in Coach Smart’s havoc system (but make no mistake, my team could score too!). That also caused me to perhaps reach up a bit for Briante Weber, who I felt was too tempting of a player to combine with those two, instead of perhaps selecting a more statistically proven player like B.A. Walker. Anyway, the general idea being that this isn’t necessarily a precise 1-80 ranking, but somewhat of an idea of who some serious VCU basketball fans thought were the 80 greatest to ever play at VCU.

Round 1:
1. districtballer – Eric Maynor
2. VRam – Kendrick Warren
3. BaNgMyPrOgRaM – Joey Rodriguez
4. Pavarotti – Jamie Skeen
5. ViCtorioUs – Calvin Duncan
6. duncanlamb – Phil Stinnie
7. greg3434 – Ren Watson
8. Marty Stucky – Gerald Henderson
9. Half-baked Mcbride – Charles Wilkins
10. Natty – Rolando Lamb

Round 2:
11. Natty – Larry Sanders
12. Half-baked Mcbride – Bradford Burgess
13. Marty Stucky – Monty Knight
14. greg3434 – Bernard Harris
15. duncanlamb – Kenny Harris
16. ViCtorioUs – Edmund Sherod
17. Pavarotti – Domonic Jones
18. BaNgMyPrOgRaM – Kenny Stancell
19. VRam – Jesse Dark
20. districtballer – Sherron Mills

Round 3:
21. districballer – Mike Schlegel
22. VRam – Bernard Hopkins
23. BaNgMyPrOgRaM – Juvonte Reddic
24. Pavarotti – Chris Cheeks
25. ViCtorioUs – Tyron McCoy
26. duncanlamb – Nick George
27. greg3434 – Treveon Graham
28. Marty Stucky – Willie Taylor
29. Half-baked Mcbride – LaMar Taylor
30. Natty – Briante Weber

Round 4:
31. Natty – Jesse Pellot-Rosa
32. Half-baked Mcbride – Troy Godwin
33. Marty Stucky – Richard Jones
34. greg3434 – Darius Theus
35. duncanlamb – Jamal Shuler
36. ViCtorioUs – Nicky Jones
37. Pavarotti – Michael Doles
38. BaNgMyPrOgRaM – Danny Kottak
39. VRam – L.F. Licholitov
40. districtballer – B.A. Walker

Round 5:
41. districtballer – Michael Brown
42. VRam – Sherman Hamilton
43. BaNgMyPrOgRaM – Jordan Burgess
44. Pavarotti – George Byrd
45. ViCtorioUs – Marc Jackson
46. duncanlamb – Martin Henlen
47. greg3434 – Troy Daniels
48. Marty Stucky – Bo Jones
49. Half-baked Mcbride – Len Creech
50. Natty – John Thompson

Round 6:
51. Natty – Brandon Rozzell
52. Half-baked Mcbride – Greg McDougald
53. Marty Stucky – Tom Motley
54. greg3434 – Patrick Lee
55. duncanlamb – Mylo Brooks
56. ViCtorioUs – Penny Elliot
57. Pavarotti – Ed Nixon
58. BaNgMyPrOgRaM – Rodney Ashby
59. VRam – Fred Brown
60. districtballer – Reggie Cain

Round 7:
61. districtballer – Randy Corker
62. VRam – Eric Adkins
63. BaNgMyPrOgRaM – Rob Brandenberg
64. Pavarotti – Michael Anderson
65. ViCtorioUs – George “Tic” Price
66. duncanlamb – Shawn Hampton
67. greg3434 – Lionel Bacon
68. Marty Stucky – Dave Edwards
69. Half-baked Mcbride – Melvin Johnson
70. Natty – Greg McCray

Round 8:
71. Natty – TJ Gwynn
72. Half-baked Mcbride – Ivan Chappell
73. Marty Stucky – Wil Fameni
74. greg3434 – Torrance Archie
75. duncanlamb – Elander Lewis
76. ViCtorioUs – Eugene Kissourine
77. Pavarotti – Emanuel Mathis
78. BaNgMyPrOgRaM – Chris Brower
79. VRam – Antoine Willie
80. districtballer – Marlow Talley

Think you know which team would win our fantasy tournament? Keep up with the action on our forum, discuss the match-ups and vote in the bracket polls.


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