Fan reaction: Black & Gold Game

A sampling of what fans thought about last night’s Black & Gold game from the forum:


“Nice to see Simmons’ numbers with the blocks and the rebs. I think that will be his forte’ this year. Go get it big guy!” – BradRamFan

“Lyles can deal it baby! VCU has some very good guards. Damn!” – AlienAiden

“Holy crap, Torey Burston is FAST. I mean, he is a freaking laser.” – WillWeaverRVA

“Melvin, dude is phenomenal he looked out of his mind good tonight” – nealesk

“Lyles=no fear” – PhantomRam

“You guys who couldn’t make it are going to LOVE Terrance. Case-in-point: during one timeout, he came away from it and immediately had a chat with the coaches, pointing at various players and positions on the floor. He brings 4 years of college experience to the game and is going to be a leader off the bench for the Rams this year.” – umwram

“[Brandenberg’s] game looks really good. [His] shooting looks improved and he’s bulked up a bit to help him get into the lane and finish with confidence. You can tell he’s gonna be the leader on this team with the way he carried himself.” – VCUBMEGradStudent

“love how aggressive Doug is on both ends” – huberdog

“anyone else think Lyles got a little Bri treatment. Low rated guy that everyone kind of forgot about until they actually saw him play. I remember bri had that post grad year and no one really thought much about him until all of a sudden he was stealing the ball every possession.” – vcu_dan

“My observation of the game. Where in for a GREAT season! Shannon was the biggest stand out of the new comers in my opinion. We got a true grit low post player with him.” – DevDog

“I just kept thinking to myself, “Imagine when they are all on one team. The depth is great and they’ll get some rest between plays.” Fun night.” – ramzilla

“Just. So. Many. Positives. Tonight.” – ViCtorioUs

“Our Baton Twirler was on fire, too. All A-10 first team.” – Hops

“Talk about being deep at the 2. How many teams have two guys competing for that slot as good as Rob and Melvin. Both guys are studs. Rob is so athletic and lighting quick and Melvin is just so smooth out there. Just a natural scorer.” – RAMification

“Awesome night. Short and sweet, Lewis and Lyles outstanding. Lewis is fast, Burston is greased lightning and handles the ball. Shannon is 100% legit. MAC is a beast. I sat right behind the scoring table 1st row and this guy is imposing.” – A_Med

“If the cheerleaders wear those shorts all year, I am going to miss a lot of basketball.” – Newgate Prison

“I thought Lewis looked great. He was matched up against the toughest defensive-man in the NCAA.” – mjbrox

“Mo-Alie Cox reminds me a lot of Kenneth Feried of the Nuggets with a lot of energy and can move the floor real well.” – PumaKid23

“JaQuan is going to be the PG someday. He plays bigger than his height and his handle and shot are sweet.” – VCUBeatsduke

“Lyles is not only quick but a great passer, too.” – Deb O

“Shannon will be such a big help for us. He had 16 pts. If he can even do 3/4 that on the reg, it will take us to another level. Even though he only had 7 rebs, he was responsible for maybe a dozen other tips that ended up in his teammates hands.” – Ryduce

“Depth, depth depth. Absolutely amazing.” – VAHills

“TERRANCE SHANNON!!!!!! WOW!!!! Energy and looked like he was having an absolute blast out there.” – BOOMShakalaka

“I have been thinking Lyles might be the guard most likely to be considered for a redshirt year given our log jam of solid guards. He impressed me the most of the 3 new pg/sg’s. passes were smart and on target leading to A/TO of 6/2, and he even added 3 steals and was 2/3 from 3 point range. While i look forward to Jequan’s scoring potential and Bookie’s D, Lyles looks ready to have a year close to Melvin’s frosh year if given the playing time.” – VCUENT

“If there is a faster team in college basketball I’d like to meet them!” – vcurams05

“The Peppas are the best. The Gator chant when Shannon was at the line was priceless.” – Ramcounter

“Lewis i think looked great quickness wise. Speed we have but his quickness with the ball showed an Allen Iverson type of movement” – Ramz22

“Brooks looked good – I didn’t feel like I was watching a freshman.” – irradiated_ram

“Overall, what a great preview for all of us. So much talent and potential on this team. Looking forward to a great season!!” – richmondbos


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