Update: New standby line for students

A quick update to the student ticketing system:

Via VCU Athletics:

Students have the ability to line up in the Standby Line located at the east end of the Stuart C. Siegel Center through the student ramp. If we have not reached capacity in the student section, event staff will be notified and a select number of tickets will be given to students to enter the game. Standby tickets are not guaranteed to be distributed at every home game. Students must present a valid VCU Student ID for entry.

This is an update to the new system where students must claim their tickets prior to VCU games to gain admission. So far the system has been in place for all of one game (VCU v Cal U exhibition), and while all 1,800 or so student tickets were claimed, a very large amount of those tickets went unused, leaving large patches of empty sections to the upper levels of the Siegel Center “end zones”.

If you want this bloggers opinion, based off what I saw a few days ago I would be SHOCKED if you were to wait in line and weren’t guaranteed admission into the game. In fact, if you wait in line and for some reason or other don’t get in (minus, “I passed out in line”), email [email protected] and perhaps I’ll tell your story on this website. Better yet, just claim your damn tickets and use em!

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