Peppas Draw National Attention With “Space Kitten” Banner

The Peppas are in the national headlines again, this time with their “Space Kitten” banner (a parody from Miley Cyrus’ American Music Awards performance in November). Last night during halftime, the Peppas performed their best version yet of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”, and finished it off by slowly raising the banner to a huge applause. Later in the second half,  the VCU Pep Band lifted the banner as George Mason took free throws (pictured above), while chanting “meow!”. Easily one of the most insane and entertaining free throw chants I’ve heard in college sports.

Several news media went with the story, links below:

Washington Post – VCU band distracts George Mason with Miley Cyrus cat

College Spun – Video: VCU’s Band Went Full Miley Cyrus Mode To Distract George Mason

NESN – VCU Pep Band Performs Spirited Rendition of ‘Wrecking Ball,’ Complete With ‘Space Kitten’

This could be one of the best versions of the Peppas we’ve ever seen, what do you think?

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