Video: Morgan Vega’s big day

Morgan Vega meets with Coach Smart just prior to tonight's announcement.
Morgan Vega meets with Coach Smart just prior to tonight’s announcement.

We are in the midst of some serious recruiting action at VCU, which can be exciting and sometimes exhausting, but in today’s case… incredibly rewarding.

Today the Rams invited 17-year old Henrico native, Morgan Vega, to the Siegel Center for a special announcement. Surrounded by the 2014-15 VCU men’s basketball team, coaching staff, family and friends, Morgan was invited to become a part of the team, signing his letter of intent to become a VCU Ram.

Morgan was born premature and prior to his second birthday was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy – a non-progressive movement disorder. He also has a shunt that helps to release excess spinal fluid.

Morgan just recently had his third shunt malfunction and doctors have told his family that once it happens more than twice the chance of it happening on a regular basis is likely. Fixing the problem with a new shunt is a process that requires a hospital stay.

Both verbally and cognitively Morgan is on par for his age and his mom says he is very social. One of his greatest sources of socialization for Morgan is a summer camp he attends in Michigan, but due to his increased hospital stays, his parents had to inform Morgan he will no longer be able to attend. VCU helped step in to fill that void and gave him something positive to look forward to. Morgan’s parents told him he would be part of the VCU Basketball team on his 17th birthday. Morgan said it was the best birthday present he had ever received.

We look forward to seeing VCU’s newest teammate throughout the season and long into the future.

Congrats, Morgan Vega, and Go Rams!

VCU signs Morgan Vega from VCU Ram Nation on Vimeo.

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