Broader Than Broadway

TeamFan article submitted by: Matt McGhan

In the wild there is a certain natural observed food chain. The higher species will naturally rule over and devour the ones lower in the cycle, if pitted against one and other. I.e. Wildcats, Rams, Ducks. But that doesn’t mean the lesser can’t adapt, learn, survive & even thrive, with the continually sharpened defense mechanisms.

It’s science.

Also, in the natural world, there is the ever present law of physics and gravity, in which objects are in a constant state of flux of positive and negative when interacted with. You can’t have a down without an up or vice versa, they are intrinsically tied to one and other.

Now, admittedly, I’m not the most learned chap on the uptown subway, but there is this certain level of understanding of what happens in the world around us.

But, sometimes the unexpected happens. Sometimes you go to New York the week of Thanksgiving & walk around without a coat have the time of your life experiencing all that The big city has to offer with your dad, and sometimes the very next day can yield the need of 5 layers and a poncho and an umbrella with built in warmer because of the freezing rain/sleet/snow getting soaked, waiting for a bus that May or may not be the right one but you don’t care because it’s covered and warm and are in a desperate plea to get home to your mom, wife and kids, ahead of a possible Planes, Trains & Automobiles reenactment!

First point being, roll with the punches, trust the process. Get overly excited AND frustratingly critical about the accomplishments and hardships, but manage expectations.

Because 2nd point, the crux, we are 4-1, again, belong in the top 25 conversation, again, got a taste of our home away from home (better than years past of team traveling internationally). We have some things to work on, again, but a very capable coaching staff who care about this GREAT GROUP OF TALENTED YOUNG MEN to work with and time to work on them.

Oh and the ‘Best Damn Pep Band In The Land’ leading the rally cry! Havoc!

Blessed & Thankful to Ramble On!

About the author: Midwesterner by birth, southerner by marriage. Blessed to Ramble professionally for the past couple of years now. Graduate of the VCU Arts program (CAaD) 2001.

A two-time graduate of VCU (School of the Arts '07, Center for Sport Leadership '10), Mat is a co-founder of VCU Ram Nation and a longtime fan as the ...