Lots of Points, Which Isn’t Necessarily Good…

So, what exactly have we learned this week? We are three games into the year, and by the way 3-0, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’ve had many holy mackerel moments, and many holy crap moments. I’ll let you decide which is which. But here’s some things that stand out:

  • Shaka Smart mentioned last night that 66 points is too many to give an opposing team. And in fact 66 points is the fewest VCU has given up.
  • Doug Brooks was lost on defense last year, an absolute sieve. You can see the progress Brooks has made. Terry Larrier would do himself well to read chapter one of The Doug Brooks Story.
  • Jonnie Williams is the fastest player I may have ever seen with the basketball. Let’s not blow this up into skills. I’m talking straightline, Point A to Point B speed with the basketball. He went by us at one point last night and it was jarring. Now don’t get me wrong on the other side–Williams has skills. But my goodness, Williams with an open throttle is something.
  • Briante Weber: 14 assists, 11, turnovers, not one single turnover. Oh, and 3-4 from three. Kid’s pretty good.
  • JeQuan Lewis: he played, he smiles. He may be my favorite player on the team. Just a great kid.
  • Melvin Johnson: When we see SwagMel, life is good. Johnson is 10-24 from three, and 10-14 from two.
  • VCU has 50 offensive rebounds, and its opponents have 28.
  • Justin Tillman has four blocked shots, and Mo Alie Cox three.
  • Treveon Graham has taken 25 free throws and Jonny Williams 12. Nobody else has more than nine FTA.


What does that mean for Monday and Villanova? I feel good about what I’ve seen, in fact very encouraged. This appears to be a potent offensive team still learning its way on the defensive end. UMES aside, we haven’t really had those BLAMMO! moments in the press. But I like the feel I get with this team, that connected piece that seemed lacking last year.

We will find out Monday how much is reality, and how much is imaginary.