Ramble On Podcast: Episode 202 – Atop Mount Crumpet Summit

We are very excited to introduce a new addition to the Ram Nation network – the Ramble On Podcast! In their second year, this podcast is growing to become the best audio resource dedicated to VCU basketball. A must listen, and we’re excited to host them here at Ram Nation so you can follow them all season long. This particular episode is about 2 days outdated, but was recorded live at Shakaville, and still covers some good ground. Be sure to follow Ramble On on Twitter!

As we gather on the summit of Mount Crumpit, join me and our special guide as we Ramble On at a very important, middle pinnacle, of our non-conference schedule. Discussing around the Shakaville campfire the journey up until now and what huge crag(s) lie ahead, with them impending White Out Blizzard about to blow.

Ramble On – Episode 202: From the Mount Crumpet Summit w/ Special Guest by Vcupodcast on Mixcloud

Midwesterner by birth, southerner by marriage. Blessed to Ramble professionally for the past couple of years now. Graduate of the VCU Arts program (CA...