I’ve Never Been More Thrilled To Pay I-95 Tolls…

I’m so jacked up for this Atlantic 10 tournament that I can barely get dressed. You know why? Because I’ve already packed for Brooklyn.

That’s a fact. I spent last night simultaneously watching the CAA final and loading up the suitcase. I grabbed four of everything, and you know why. I’m like the fifth-grader who has a 2pm rec league game, and I’m fully dressed and game-ready at 9am. “Dad, when are we going?” (This may or may not have been me 35 years ago.)

Side note: congratulations to Bill Coen and Northeastern. That bunch has always been a pain in our butts, but it’s because Coen is an outstanding coach who runs a program that commands respect. Good for him, and I will be rooting for them.

Another reason I am so excited: we have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen. I have, literally, zero expectations. This VCU team could lose on Thursday, or it can win the whole shooting match. It will be the ultimate in day-by-day, 1-0 by 1-0. Check your expectations at the door, and enjoy the single basketball moment that’s in front of you. I LOVE THAT.

In a post titled “I Believe That We Will Win,” the must-read William & Mary-based Gheorghe: The Blog summed up how we all should approach this week when they wrote: But it’s not about analysis at this point.

It isn’t.

Here’s the only two statistics that matter this weekend, other having a greater number of points than your opponent when the clock hits all zeroes:

  1. VCU averages a shade more than 42% from the field. When the Rams shoot 42%, an average night shooting, they are 16-0. Translation: we don’t need to suddenly get hot. We just need to get regular.
  2. VCU averages more turnovers committed per game in wins (10.5) than in losses (10.3). Translation: it’s okay to let your hair down, have some fun, and play freely. The more free and fearless of mistakes we play, the better. We all just have to be okay with a few strange (or: galling) turnovers.

In fact, two of our more fun nonconference wins, Oregon (20) and Tennessee (18), were also the two games in which we committed the most turnovers.

Other than those two nuggets, keep the experience of Brooklyn in your mind. Keep what can be the driving force, but don’t cheat yourself out of enjoying the journey to get there. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen–you can’t write a future that has not been written. Just head north, pay the exorbitant toll to cross the Verrazano Bridge, and cheer your guts out inside 620 Atlantic Avenue.

So to recap: we are headed to Brooklyn and could be back in the office on Friday, or cutting down nets Sunday. And the more turnovers we commit, the better our offense runs.

Does it get more exciting?