This Too Shall Pass; The Case For Insanity

Albert Einstein is oft times quoted for the relative and practical definition of insanity;

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

This definition we have heard used countless times, but more times than not, rightly so, applied in a negative light, is ringing around in my head for more than a blog post.

Allow this humble rambler, lover of team and community and something greater than ourselves, to flip that definition on its head, because I honestly cannot think of a better rallying cry at the end of the season, in the midst of these difficult and trying times, as a Rowdy fan base, than that.

As long as we can agree that the ‘doing the same thing’ in our case is defined as going head first, loud and rawkus, abundantly bat-poop crazy and rambunctiously rowdy for 40+ minutes; that I, after having been to many road arenas this year, relish every time we are playing away from That Animal, that you all are nationally known for doing. And then focus on the important part of the end of the quote; ‘EXPECTING’, expecting a different result than we have had, unfortunately, lately.

This is a call to do it again, one more time, like it’s the first time. How about double, louder, rowdier for longer. If you have your voice left and your hands aren’t sore going to sleep tonight, you are doing it wrong. A friend of ours calls it Rowdiology.


Because it’s Gameday. Because it’s Senior Night. Because it is the last time these guys will step out on home court to do what they love to do, what they do best this season.

Because from coaching staff, and players, administration, right down to the kids drying the floors, this basketball family has put in all of their time, effort, made sacrifices, physical and emotional, to represent our one of a kind, outstanding university in such an elite, fun, and captivating manner. They deserve our best, our most, our loudest, our rowdiest. They have put in the work, it’s time to pay them back. Let’s have them remember tonight, for taking their breath away!

Because when this whole thing started back what just seemed like weeks ago, we were full of hope, excitement and Rowdiness, brimming over, bubbling up, outpouring, and that really shouldn’t have changed. It hasn’t for us, we hope it hasn’t for you. It’s the same team! But treat it like there is a new season starting and we need to kick it off as such! Like it’s 2011, deep in the heart of Texas!

Because let’s be honest, you are out of your mind, crazy, insane if you think the mojo is just going to flip on a dime out of no where and we ride into the April sunset.

You are also out of your mind, crazy, insane if you think we are done, it’s time to count our losses, it just wasn’t our year and need to look to next year.

Allow one last quote from another smart guy to drive the point home,

“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule”
— Nietzsche

So let’s all rally one last time and go out of our friggin’ rowdy minds crazy insane together one last time for these seniors, for this team, tonight!

Because it’s VCU and it’s college basketball, crazier things have happened!

Because this too shall pass! Take a breath! Enjoy it!

Let’s Go VCU!

Let’s have some fun and,

Ramble On!

Matt has been reporting on VCU sports for Ram Nation since 2007 with a focus on news, photos, and feature stories.