VCURamNation.com coverage: A history in videos

It blows my mind to think that this November Ram Nation will have wrapped up our ninth year of existence and will be staring down our 10th anniversary.

We’ve had so much fun over that time, covering games, meeting fans and celebrating with fans after games covered. Today I took a trip down memory lane by strolling through some older videos. I had such a good time that I wanted you all to be able to do the same, so enjoy, some of my favorite moments we managed to capture on video from our previous eight years.

Starting with our very first video…

And who remembers that tough game at Richmond back in December of 2008? Collectors might call this the “first appearance of Big Shot Brad” (fast forward to the 4:40 mark to see that play that gave Bradford Burgess his VCU nickname)…

And here’s Jeff Capel’s return to the Siegel Center, a game which featured a VCU rout of the then-No.17 Oklahoma Sooners. Stay tuned toward the end for a good old-fashioned Siegel Center court rush (6:07 mark)…

A CLASSIC Bruiser Flint melt-down for you old CAA fans… (this is also around the time we lost our original cameraman stopped filming, leaving me and a Sony Handycam to do the damage until we could afford an upgrade thanks to our wonderful sponsors. You’ll notice a decent difference in video quality).

VCU’s win over Drexel later that season. A gutsy performance from Drexel’s Chris Fouch late, hitting all the big shots, then Jamie Skeen with the game-winning buzzer-beater to advance the Rams (play starts at 4:20 mark). No win here, no Final 4. Period.

Here’s a video I shot immediately following VCU’s controversial selection into the 2011 NCAA tournament field, a bid they would turn into a historic Final 4 run. Interviews with players and coaches before they experienced a run that would change their lives.

And five games after that, VCU fans celebrate in the streets of Richmond after a shocking win over No.1 Kansas. THE RAMS ARE GOING TO THE FINAL 4!!!

VCU’s Final 4 seniors film their graduation for VCURamNation.com (thanks fellas!)

And then they take our Ram Nation cam to the ESPYs…

Here’s a fun one: Mo Alie-Cox versus Jordan Burges in a high school game at Benedictine

VCU v Drexel in a CLASSIC CAA Championship game. It gets reeeaaal good at the 3:33 mark AND later includes a court-storming. PS. A Richmond Coliseum full of VCU fans is an incredibly intimidating place. Also this was our first tournament with an upgraded camera!

12-seed VCU upsets 5-seed Wichita State in the 2013 NCAA Tournament, giving our friend Matt Morton another chance to use his go-to video song when filming, “All I do is Win”

VCU routs Alabama in another coach’s return to the Siegel Center, this time Anthony Grant taking the L.

VCU comes back from down four with 14 seconds left to take Saint Joseph’s to OT in VCU’s introductory season, handing the Hawks their first Siegel Center loss (real fun starts at the 3:05 mark).

VCU destroys Butler at the Stu in their only game as A-10 conference mates. One of the best Siegel Center atmospheres I can ever remember.

This was the video that inspired this article. Just a quick snapshot of some of the fun Ram fans have in Brooklyn as a part of Atlantic 10 tournaments. This was both VCU and the A-10’s first year in Brooklyn and the folks at Die Koelner BierHalle were sure glad the conference chose Barclays and Ram fans chose this particular beer hall for their home for March of 2013.

Not my favorite game to watch, but certainly my favorite ending. This next one features Treveon Graham’s greatest play, a three-point dagger on the road to defeat UVA in a PACKED JPJ. Probably my most satisfied feeling I’ve ever had after a game. Needless to say it was a pleasant drive home down 64 East that night.

That UVA win was incredibly satisfying. So was this complete throttling of Virginia Tech (30-point win) at the Richmond Coliseum. Once again, another prime example of just how rocking the Coliseum gets when VCU plays in it these days.

VCU v Saint Louis (when they were good), Gold Out style.

This one tugs hard on my heart strings, and really, this is what it’s all about. VCU signed Morgan Vera to a National Letter of Intent to be a VCU Ram that day. VCU has made me proud a bunch, but no prouder than I was of them the day this happened…

I’ve had the honor of filming VCU for a few years but it’s been even more of an honor to get to know some of these guys. Ed Nixon has been one of those guys and we’ve even had a chance to work together on a few videos in our video series: “In the Kitchen with Chef Nixon”. This particular night we got the Gold Rush Dancers in the kitchen, which hey, ain’t ever a bad thing.

I love Brooklyn, but I love it even more when VCU goes on a four-game Brooklyn win streak to win the A-10 Tourney Championship like they did last year. Here are those highlights from an epic game from an epic week of basketball.

I’m a huge Will Wade fan…YUGE. This was an epic answer have gave me to a question I asked following the loss to Cincinnati. So fun to watch this knowing what we know now, meaning VCU hasn’t lost since. Wade was confident in things he saw despite the loss and I think we now all understand why.

I have one major regret with this next video, that being in the excitement and nerves of this VCU v Richmond game at the Robins Center, I neglected to switch my sound settings to the on-camera mic, thus ensuring there would be no game sound for my video. Either way, it was an incredible win for VCU in a very hard-fought game against our cross-town rival.

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