VCU’s path to A-10 tourney Thursday bye

VCU won four games in four days as the No.5 seed in last year's A-10 tournament.
VCU won four games in four days as the No.5 seed in last year’s A-10 tournament.

Ram fans, we are in the home stretch. VCU has just three home games remaining, six regular season contests in total. The black and gold are still 100% in control of their own destiny in terms of a regular season A-10 title run, but with a few slip-ups could also be playing a Thursday game in this year’s Atlantic 10 Tournament in Brooklyn (meaning outside of the top-4).

Here’s how to avoid that:


VCU (10-2) is three games ahead of George Washington (7-5) and four games ahead of any other realistic top-four potential team (three tied at 6-6). If VCU wins four of their remaining six games there simply is nothing GW can do to take VCU’s spot in the top-four, giving the Rams a Thursday Brooklyn bye while making the Colonials and all below them win at least four games in Brooklyn instead of three to win the A-10 title. Very hard to do.


Ram fans can do their part to help this scenario happen as the black and gold play three remaining home games this season. If VCU is able to hold serve at home (or for example go 2-1 at home and win a road game at Mason) GW would have to go undefeated the remainder of the way to pass the Rams in the standings. That is certainly possible but the Colonials would have to defy the odds to do so, as GW is currently predicted to lose three of their final six according to kenpom’s computers. George Washington plays a tough Wednesday road game at Duquesne this week, has road games remaining at Richmond and Davidson, hosts VCU and has a home game against George Mason, a school that’s just a 30-minute drive away (meaning Mason fans could put some butts in those seats if they wanted to). Winning three games would put VCU at 13 wins and completely out of reach of the 6-6 pack who can finish 12-6 at best, meaning GW is most likely VCU’s only real competition to bump the Rams out of the top-four.


So there you have it. A very simple breakdown but one that hopefully alerts you of just how important all of these final home games are. The Rams defied the odds last season, winning four A-10 tournament games in four days to raise the championship trophy. No team had ever done that in CAA player, VCU’s former conference home, so you can imagine how surprised this Ram fan was when the Rams were able to do so in the even more competitive Atlantic 10. As rare as it was for an A-10 team to win four games in four days for one conference tournament championship (something that had happened before VCU), the chances of doing it in back-to-back year’s is even less likely. The Rams will want to avoid having to become the first team in A-10 history to do so by finishing strong over these next six games.

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  • Camden Whitehead
  • February 17, 2016
nice succinct entry matt.
the question for our game with gw remains, what do we do with patrick garino?
he kills us.
he must be averaging 20 points against us during his career.
he is the guy that we used to sic jess pellet rosa on to completely frustrate. i was thinking that this might be a way to get jordan burgess re-engaged. assign him to garino and let jordan wear hime out, but............ after last nights game, dougie brooks is our man. he wore out the uri point guard in the last ten minutes of the game. he was frustrating him to the point that the guy was looking to physically retaliate and the refs were calling sympathy fouls for him. amazing exhibition of dogged, denial defense. dougie was everywhere that guy wanted to be, two steps before he got there.
so dougie on grain. now how do we get burgess and gilmore back in the swing of things. jordan looked lost on the court. gilmore did not play (what up with that?)
there reengagement might be the key to our season.