BREAKING: VCU’s Michael Gilmore To Transfer

This just in from VCU Athletics:

VCU sophomore forward Michael Gilmore (Jacksonville, Fla.) will transfer, Head Coach Will Wade announced Tuesday.

A 6-foot-10 forward, Gilmore averaged 3.2 points and 2.8 rebounds in 11.5 minutes per game for the Rams in 2015-16. In two seasons, Gilmore appeared in 55 games for VCU, including 18 starts. He averaged 2.7 points and 2.2 rebounds per game.

“Mike has decided to move on and continue his career elsewhere, and we thank him for his contributions the past two seasons,” Wade said.

  1. cliff54 says

    A few comments on Gimore’s departure.
    1. Great talent… Great in practice and warm ups, not so much in the games. WW gave him every chance this year start more than half the games.
    2. Didn’t seem able to play at A10 speed and play defense per WW.
    3. We have reveted back to Smart days when we tried to when without BIG MEN. You cannot compete in the A10 or the NCAA tournament without size.
    4. WW needs to get busy and find a proven big guy with more than two years of eligibility… Mo and Handy need more help and they are leaving next year.
    5. I have been criticized for voicing my concerns about the need for recruiting a big guy this year, I guess I was right.

    1. Covert says

      In Will We Trust

  2. Captain says

    In Will we trust II

  3. Ramfro says

    Devastating news, got a glimpse of what we would have next year in the Oklahoma NCAA game, without Mike not sure we would have even been in that game. Horrible news for our program imho.

  4. Rob Bailey says

    Sorry to hear about Mike leaving. I was looking forward to watching him for 2 more years and really thought the Oklahoma game was a preview of the future. We do need to get on the stick and find another big man that can shoot from the outside and rebound on the inside.

  5. Joshua Robinson says

    Why would Gilmore transfer? Will Wade was really hopeful of his future. WW talked Tillman back, but will allow this? Any insight into this defection?

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